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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Disney Trexi Series 1: Donald Duck!

03.02.2016 – Trexi is a platform of colorful art figure produced by PlayImaginative that has a unique rotating head and articulated limbs, and comes in 2 sizes - 2.5 inch and 10 inch. They have recently tie-up with popular brands like Disney.

These art figures are unique with rotating head that allows the character to change facial expressions by twisting the upper or lower parts of the head. They have released a line for Disney in 2013 that includes the iconic Donald Duck on this spotlight!

Originally when Trexi was released it’s a canvas figure that can be easily personalised. Trexi has had many crossovers with artists, licenses and corporations from all over the world. It’s no different having tie-up with Disney would bring their characters in its unique and different take in appearance.

Donald Duck is one character that was included in the blind box series 1 that was released in 2013. There have been several variations of Donald from his classic appearance from “The Wise Little Hen” from 1934 to his current iteration.

In-between the original appearance of Donald Duck and the current look there have been two color variations of the famed duck that was included in series 1. But so far the most popular is the classic and the modern appearance of Donald.

From Mystery to Window Box

Taking a look at the window packaging of the modern Donald Duck it features his image in the box and features the head rotaing gimmick of the Trexi revealing his facial expression from being surprised to his trademark angry look.

The front window reveals the figurine on a transparent inner tray and the box is sturdy and well-made that for those MIB (Mint in Box) collectors won’t have the challenge to put this art figure on display in its packaging.

By the time it was re-released in 2015 there where no longer descriptions at the back, but there where variations of the card backs that you find the difference. The Homer remained the same with minor color changes from sublime to lime, while the wheels stayed the same as the original release in 2014.

Trexi-fied Donald Duck

Like most Trexi the art figure features a rounded head, a squared feet, and rounded crab-like hands. Donald Duck’s facial expression gives this Trexi the identity of the iconic Disney character. The retooling into Donald’s appearance includes his signature sailor hat that can also rotate when you want to change his facial expression.

The details and quality of this art figure in making Donald Duck expressive in taking a fresh look at the famous character from Duckberg. If you compare it to other Trexi-fied Disney characters this shape works for Donald and it’s a spot on.

Its rarely you find art figures or vinyl toys adapting iconic characters to make a new look, but for Donald Duck turned into a Trexi is one of those rare things you’ll ever see if you’re not familiar with the concept of art toys.

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