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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Happy Meal 2016: Ben 10 & My Little Pony!

03.01.2016 – The Happy Meal release in the Philippines is slowly aligning itself to be a monthly release as to having new toys twice a month, where the second release covers the first half to the following calendar date and its all good for most collectors.

The first toys where featuring TMNT that also have Winx. But for the month of February its latest toys are based on Cartoon Network’s Ben 10 Omniverse and My Little Pony Girls?!

If you’re very much picky about what you collect and not getting them all you’re not missing a lot from last month since the TMNT toys are a mix of two series. For the Winx the most interesting is the figurine.

This goes for the Ben 10 Omniverse and My Little Pony Girls that have been a previous release in another country. Ben 10 has been a Happy Meal toy with most of the characters are his alien forms and the pick in the set is Ben himself even though he’s not as adorable or handsome in this figurine form, while for the My Little Pony Girls its all a win that they used to be Ponies turned into whimsical girls.

If you’ve missed the TMNT and Winx meal toys from last month perhaps this might be a better variety to catch up. You may want to look closely on the actual toys as they might not appear as what the promo poster have been:

Happy Meal featuring Ben 10 Omnivese and My Little Pony is already available beginning February 22 to March 8, 2016 at all McDonald’s outlets in the Philippines nationwide. For more visit the official site at:

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