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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sylvanian Families: The New Arrival!

03.06.2016 – Sylvanian Families is a toy brand by Epoch which has been around and it’s more aimed at little girls, but when you look at the product goes beyond that. It has become one of the well known brands that also cater to collectors.

The details Epoch in making these toys makes you feel like in another realm populated by furry animals. They have been so detailed you’ll think twice that it’s not really made for young children but for those who appreciate the quality of this brand.

Almost six years ago the Sylvanian Families have resurgence in the local hobby community in the Philippines. Its one of those communities hardly seen in the mainstream due to that they found their niche in the brand not entirely for everyone, but it can appeal to whom they find the product interesting.

Mostly anyone new to Sylvanian Families would start small and even though the product may look impressive they are not actually cheap. For most part taking a look in a small set depends on perspective if you’d want to try acquiring one. There have been interesting choices for a brand that Epoch has built, and when you start with one sometimes it’s infectious to be interested. It still depends on which theme or anima you’ll be collecting as there have been so many species in the world of the Sylvanian Families that you might end up broke getting them all.

The most popular of these characters are the Chocolate Rabbit family since they are probably unofficial face of the Sylvanian Families brand.

But if you’re keen on starting an interest mostly it’s what most six year olds or adults would be interested into like having a cat as your character. This brings to taking a closer look at one set which is “The New Arrival” set.

Like taking home a new born having decided what would be your first Sylvanian Families appears to be the way of becoming a parent. It depends on anyone perspective but for a new Sylvanian Families collector this is how it would begin.

The New Arrival

This set has two figurines which includes Chantilly Cream Cat Mother with Baby Boy. It also features some accessories for a newly born kitten that’s detailed enough that some pieces are easily gets lost if you’re not careful as a Sylvanian Families owner. You’ll see all the accessories included in the window box type packaging.

The cat mother’s full name is Myriam “Mims” Chantilly Cream Cat and her baby boy, Jacques. It doesn’t give many details on the box but it includes a beautiful blue crib, a special outfit for Jacques and feeding accessories.

Originally when it first released on 1985 the packaging comes in blue this current release is now in a wooden colored type box with green tray and translucent tray for the smaller accessories. There’s not much information written in the box with an image of the community appearing in the back, but if you’re excited to open it up you’ll hardly noticed anymore than inspecting the contents of the set.

Starting with Families

Sylvanian Families is a world filled with furry creatures of different species and each one of them is a group of families as given that the brand name is based in that concept. Mrs. Chantilly and her newly born son Jacques are from the Cream Cat family which is sold separate if your focus would be in one species.expression.

But there are other interesting characters of one family member that stands out for the reason why they came up with small sets. Some of them are rare that it’s a challenging to track down, but the most common family is the Chocolate Rabbits.

Overall each character in Sylvanian Families are unique they stand out on their own set that it’s different from other hobby communities. The dedication and care for each toy even have a seminar in their meet ups, which is quite fascinating at the same time. This “New Arrival” is one of the best starter sets for anyone who would venture in investing to collect a Sylvanian Families it shows the level of detail and at the same time appreciation for how Epoch has crafted a product that’s appreciated globally.

“The New Arrival” set is retailed at PhP 799.75 pesos available at Toy Kingdom, Toy Town, Toys R’ Us, and other leading stores in the Philippines nationwide.

Sylvanian Families is locally distributed by Ban Kee Trading and for more LIKE Ban Kee Toys on Facebook. For more about the local community LIKE PH Sylvanian Families on Facebook!

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