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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Spider-Man #2: New York's Hero!

03.05.2016 – Previously in Spider-Man if you have missed the debut issue of Miles Morales in the All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe then this issue will give you an idea about the dynamic between these two Spider-Men. Peter Parker appears in the last page giving his younger counterpart what has he done with the Avengers.

Not knowing what entirely happened in the first issue where the Avengers battled Black Heart and failed, where Miles Morales arrived and almost taken down single handed the son of Mephisto with his electrical “Venom Strike.” But at the end of the first issue nobody have witnessed that fight until Peter Parker arrived not believing that Miles what has happened and getting a mouthful lecture from his mentor.

Now he gets a lecture from the original Spider-Man and then suddenly Black Heart appears behind him and knocks him out. Miles did defeat Black Heart and the Avengers like him better than the original. The first few pages where simply impressive as Sara Pichelli works define this series as one of the hot picks each month now that there’s a new Spider-Man in town.

But not everything is all good unlike Peter Parker dealing with his business and becoming a global superhero, Miles have to deal with his failing grades in school and what social media thinks of this Spider-Man has one vlogger have indicated that “he’s a kid of color” due to that his costume had better days after battling Black Heart.

What’s a fresh take on the Spider-Man character with Miles Morales behind the mask is his human side like anything in life you can’t have both worlds to be perfect. It played out on Peter Parker’s life when he was young now its Miles turn in the spotlight representing the youth in the modern times. If battling supervillains and demons where a cake walk facing you mother and grandmother is going to take a lot of focus as everyone can relate to.

It might not enough to see how Miles Morales deal with being the ‘new’ Spider-Man of the public, but it sure gets everyone attention after becoming part of Earth-616. It’s nothing also how the times have change in seeing a different Spider-Man to be way impressive than the original and it gets interesting where the preview of what to expect when the next issue begins.

Of course it had to with another long time Spider-Man character like the Black Cat to get his attention and you’ll never know what happens next… Until you pick up a copy next month. Overall this was a fun read and you’ll probably keep an eye for the next issue or wait for the compiled graphic novel edition. Either way Marvel is making Miles Morales ‘feel home’ in this new Marvel Universe.

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