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Monday, November 22, 2010

The World of The Sylvanian Families!

11.22.2010 – The Sylvanian Families are cute little animal creatures who live like normal humans in their world. They are actually collectible anthropomorphic animal figurines made of flocked plastic manufactured by Japanese toy company Epoch.

If you happen to be at Powerplant Mall in Rockwell you’ll probably see the diorama currently on exhibit. They are an interesting kind of hobby not only attracts the women but other guys who appreciate the hobby too. There are quite a few lot of them now but expect to see a local community to grow with this interest.

There’s a mini-event which coincide with the release of the new display and never before seen new products, which can be available exclusively at selected TRU branches. The official unveiling was held this recent Saturday of November 19, 2010.

For those catching up the interest with The Sylvanian Families this will certainly not only build appreciation by young girls but also adults. There’s something refreshing about these little creatures that certainly a hobby to start with.

This might be also a perfect gift for the upcoming holiday season, and what a way to get the Sylvanian Families as a good suggestion for young boys and girls alike. This toy line has quite an imaginative play for children.

The diorama is not that huge, but quite an awesome display. This might be the largest Sylvanian Families diorama to date, which composed of houses, cars, clinics, campers, and lots more. Most noticeable favorite would be the Observatory, which sits on the far corner of the diorama. The Sylvanian Families is composed of cuddly animals that kids, girlfriends, and moms would love to start their collection. Its’ a cool treat to see these toys on display, and they look natural in their world.

It’s like being transported to the world of these anthropomorphic critters. The sets on display namely the utensils or chairs are in detail, and could pass up as props for1/18 scale G.I. Joe action figures.

There are some selected accessories from the Sylvanian Families, which can be used for props. One house can pass up as something Cobra Commander can own as an illegal hideout also as a front for his retirement home. Though kidding aside let's leave the imagination for the action figure junkies. The diorama will be displayed until December 31, 2010.

For now if you happen to have the chance to making a visit at Toys R’Us at the Powerplant Mall in Rockwell you can't miss it on display at the main entrance.

The Sylvanian Families is manufactured by EPOCH and locally distributed by Ban Kee Trading. For more about the product LIKE Ban Kee Toys on Facebook!

See more about the local communities into The Sylvanian Families LIKE PH Sylvanian Families on Facebook!

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