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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Black Panther #1: A Nation Under Our Feet

04.07.2016 – “Black Panther” is one of the popular characters who will be appearing in “Captain America: Civil War” portrayed by Chadwick Boseman. Before the king of Wakanda gets his own film he will be squaring off with the rest of the heroes in the upcoming film. Marvel has announced a new comicbook series starring T’Challa in a new series which just released in stores now.

To build interest in the character Marvel launches a new comicbook series, and it was announced last month with “Black Panther #1.” The new artist team boast of an award winning writer in Ta-Nehesi Coates and legendary artist Brian Stelfreeze. This is certainly a heavy worthy of reading giving new readers the story behind the fictional city of Wakanda and its inhabitants.

This also tells the narrative what has happened after the nation of Wakanda has gone through with the last crisis that involves floods, a coup orchestrated by Doctor Doom, and invasion by Thanos fractured the people’s trust. The first issue now focus more of the recent events that befallen Wakanda. It’s an interesting story how T’Challa will keep his country together and what’s left of the ‘perfect nation’ that has been talked about in the Marvel Universe these past decades.

Coates weaves an interesting plot to start the first issue dealing with the miners of Vibranium and this reveals antagonist that uses magic. Through the brilliant artwork of Brian Stelfreeze you get to flip through the pages and see why Wakanda is one of the most advance nations this side of the Marvel Universe.

This is just a beginning for T’Challa in trying to reunite his people and the themes what mirrors reality related to the crisis, politics, and how the people are dealing with all of this recent events. Stelfreeze attention to detail certainly goes a long way from doing cover art for ‘Batman: Shadow of the Bat’ in the 1990s this time he handles also the interiors that’s definitely impressive in making Wakanda’s advance technology and aesthetic ahead of the times. Even the Black Panther’s costume is the future the way it was designed.

Overall this is going to be an interesting series to catch up each month focusing more about the challenges the Black Panther going through this time its closer to home. Ta-Nehesi Coates and Brian Stelfreeze has put T’Challa front and center and its all starts in thid first issue that’s definitely a sold out.

NEXT: Black Panther #2!

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