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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Vinyl on Vinyl | Ren Quinio: Pie in the Sky

04.23.2016 – Ren Quinio lives in a realm of a place where his imagination exists as its source of inspiration. He has shared this place in his previous solo shows. For “Pie in the Sky” the presentations is more grounded and calm within that its wildest dreams.

In the small gallery section of Vinyl on Vinyl, there are six art pieces that revolve around his latest solo show.

It appears in simplicity but look further its art is ready to give you an insightful thought about the world Quinio rules that invites your thoughts. You stand in a three white wall section of the gallery where his piece as the spotlight that captures anything related to popular culture. Eagle-eyed viewers would notice the sort-of last supper telling of a different kind of narrative.

In the middle of the centerpiece there are two art works on both sides reflecting each character that builds the exhibit. There’s a sixth art work that hardly noticed due to the amount of featured works spilled over from a 4-man group show that dominates most of the entirety of the art gallery, but if you’re just focused on Ren Quinio you’ll notice it like a lost boy slump over at the foot of a big tree.

'Pie in the Sky' a solo show featuring Ren Quinio will run for two weeks. For more details about the art being exhibit visit Vinyl on Vinyl art gallery located at 2135 warehouse II 2nd floor, Chino Roces Avenue Pasong Tamo, Makati City.

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