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Monday, May 2, 2016

Ellen Pranks Chris Evans with Iron Man Scare!

05.02.2016 – Chris Evan and Elizabeth Olsen making a guest appearance on the Ellen Degeneres show to promote their film “Captain America: Civil War.” Evans has been in the show several times have been a notable prankster to his co-actors.

He has done this scare pranks previously with Scarlett Johansson and also with Elizabeth Olsen in the show where they both appear as guests. But Evans was not ready when Ellen makes her move to scare him in the form of Iron Man.

The segment begins as Elizabeth Olsen shares that she was pranked by Chris Evans earlier prior to the show more recently, hid in a dressing room bathroom and surprised her. Evans shared his past pranks with Scarlett Johansson last year appearing in the show and scaring her.

Ellen then shifts the topic with Evans into a false sense of security by having him discuss the dog he rescued from a shelter while shooting one of the films. While he's explaining how he end up adopting his dog, one of Ellen's staffers, dressed in an Iron Man costume, leaps out to surprise him. Elizabeth Olsen had a minor reaction, but for Chris Evans surely was pranked by Ellen as a pay back to his co-stars below:

“Captain America: Civil War” is already showing in the Philippines and other parts of the Asian region, which is heading to North American cinemas on May 6, 2016 from Marvel Studios distributed by Walt Disney!

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