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Monday, May 2, 2016

Playmobil Promo Figures | Police Officer

05.02.2016 – Playmobil has a diverse theme of sets from period times that featured Medieval Knights, Pirates, Ancient Egypt, Western to name a few. But for every theme that is discontinued there’s a new theme.

But most of the children depends on their interest would eventually pick the modern themes namely the City Action, which is promoted by Playmobil locally in the Philippines where they held special events giving out some figures for free.

The three day mini-in store event at Toys R’ Us (April 27-30, 2016) culminated the marketing campaign in promoting the brand since early April and recently had one at the Glorietta store. This is the first time they gave out free non-blind assorted figures for every purchase of any Playmobil sets or the series 7 or 8 blind bag figures you get another to take home.

Playmobil blind bag assortment figures when opening them you’ll need assembly for each one, and the fun part of it is that you can interchange those parts with the other figures from the series to create a new one. The main interest in collecting these blind bag figures are different from the ones that came from the boxed sets.

Promotional giveaway figures come in translucent bags where you can see the content of the figure with a catalog and warning label due to smaller parts included. Unfortunately these figures cannot be disassembled and mix it up with the Playmobile Figures series as they are already pre-assembled.

One of the promotional giveaways is the Police Officer a sample of the City Action Series for the Police theme, which was quite simple enough and the last one they have that was handed off due to modern appearance while the other figures are Fairies, two pet owners, and a Sherriff from the recently discontinued Western theme.

German Police Officer

The Police Officer that was part of the promotional giveaway is based from the German Law Enforcement clad in blue uniform with removable hat that has an issued pistol and night stick to thwart off criminal elements.

It’s a detailed figure up to the back where it says “Police”, and the prints are not as easily erased with Playmobil putting high quality standards even the roughest kid in the sandbox would give this Police Officer a difficult time unless he looses his accessories like ht pistol and night stick.

Protecting Your Other Playmobil

The best part of this figure captures the appearance and details of a real Police Officer from Europe. But not everything is detailed as this is a promotional giveaway they cut a little back with the budget in putting enough for one figure.

Most of the Playmobil Figures in the blind bag has enough accessories down to the removable belt. For this promo figure it doesn’t come with a removable belt for the gun holster as it’s permanently glued it to the hip which you won’t notice.

For aesthetical look it works well and overall this is one Police Officer might be a good addition to your modern line of Playmobil collectibles. If you’re not into sets and more into figures this is definitely a nice addition. But the downside is you can’t mix its parts with the blind bag figures even though the hair piece is removable.

“Playmobil Promo Figures” are exclusively given away during in-store events when you purchase any set or blind bag figures at Toys R' Us in the Philippines!

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