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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Obi-Wan & Anakin #4: Between Crossfire!

05.01.2016 – “Obi-Wan & Anakin” heading to its fourth issue slowly revealing its hand with regards to the inhabitants of Carnelion IV and in-between the main story are some flashbacks revealing Anakin’s desire to leave the Jedi Temple. This of course is one of Palpatine’s influences in the young padawan.

In the previous issue the ‘Open’ faction with Mother Pran and Kolara found Anakin’s abilities to fixing mechanical things a great benefit for their cause, where they decided to kidnap him at the same time destroy the airship which have Obi-Wan and ‘Close’ faction Grecker crashing down to the lower ground of the planet.

Surviving the crash in the previous issue reveal the inhabitants of zombie-like creatures that where affected after the war that produced the two factions some years ago. Obi-Wan and Grecker face-off with these creatures, but the Jedi Master was quick enough to prevent them from ganging up on them. At the same time after the crash both survivors try to find the signal originally sent to the Jedi that called upon Obi-Wan and Anakin. Grecker discussing his opinions about the ‘Open’ faction’s true colors does not give validation if he’s actually telling the truth.

Not until they got close to the abandoned city and encounter a mysterious figure revealing to be the one who sent the signal to call upon the Jedi to send help.

But before the mysterious figure reveals herself to Obi-Wan, she shoots Grecker. Back at the Fortress-Home of ‘The Open’ faction Anakin was introduced by Mother Pran and Kolara regarding his abilities to fix mechanical things. Eventually Anakin being held hostage have no choice but to fix the giant mechs that ‘The Open’ faction will use to eliminate their rival.

In the flash back scenes it was revealed that Anakin took a leave from the Jedi Temple, which Obi-wan accepts to give his young Padawan time to gather himself from all the questions that raised after being brought in the club by Palpatine to witness corruption in the senate. In the present after being saved by Sera, who was actually the one who sent the signal to Coruscant says sought assistance from the Jedi in saving the past artefacts she has collected in preserving her planet’s past culture and introducing it to the next generation.

But it will take the two factions to consider about what Sera is doing, that both wanted her eliminated, which reveals they’ve been blinded by their war. While ‘The Open’ is set to find Obi-Wan and the one who sent the signal things are not looking good for both Jedis that has been divided by this war.

Charles Soule who also wrote the story for Poe Dameron continue to explore the relationship of this two Jedi at the same time dealing with the war of two factions from a primitive planet appears to be challenging. But the art by Marco Checchetto continue to be consistent that makes this series delved further into what also the Jedi have to do in ending this war that has been going on for more than a Carnelion IV’s lifetime.

Overall the narrative keeps on digging up on the Obi-Wan and Anakin relationship on top of a major narrative about two factions at war doesn’t appear to end. But for the next issue it will be as the development of this story started to slow down, which could have reduced it to just four issues instead of extending it to five.

NEXT: Final Issue!

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