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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Movie Review | The Angry Birds Movie

05.15.2016 – “Angry Birds Movie” is one of the most addicting game apps first introduced almost fiver years ago. Now its potential 3D animated feature franchise might spawn more movies than a horde of green pigs want to steal their eggs.

From a game app that was heavily downloaded to smart phones it’s not one of the popular properties that Rovio had developed. The simple narrative of the game expanded into animated film that revolves around the story of a bird named Red.

Red, The original ‘Angry Bird’ is the face of the franchise, and technically the logo of the app game that you start using on the very first stage. The story revolving around Red was partly of the overall story of the film, which also introduces the other characters that you also use in the game and revealing each of their abilities.

The story beats being the first film in a long line of a potential franchise introduces the characters, but the pacing is not what you expect for a 3D animated feature film. But the over arching stories of each characters help give you an idea that there’s a built up through the second act. Towards the developing personalities you’ve got to meet Chuck, a fast talking yellow bird and Bomb which explains his name.

Red, Chuck and Bomb would be the consistent characters in the film as also seen in the promo posters and trailers. The voice cast certainly gave their best performance that highlighted Mighty Eagle voiced by Peter Dinklage, but with even though with these great talents it took a while to get you interested about these characters.

But obviously the plot is simple pigs steal the eggs and got them Birds pissed off so they went to rescue what was stolen from them. The highlight is not Red’s back story it’s the where everyone banded together to take back what once rightfully theirs. Visually you’re watching an expanded version on how the game appears in the big screen. The most memorable scene so far is how Red, Chuck and Bomb end up in Might Eagle’s sanctuary which was teased in the trailers.

The extended version that you’ll see in the film is priceless, which is also one of the highlights of the film followed by the final act where all the birds from Bird Island banded together to take down the pigs.

“Angry Birds Movie” visually and thematically a great 3D animated feature film based from a popular game app that is slowly becoming a well known property having expanded to tie-up with other known brands spins off on its own, but since this is just the first big thing Rovio has invested on this is not the last. It appeals to younger audience despite the early pacing has a bit of challenges until the second act.

It was a fun rollercoaster ride building up to what those has expected of this film, but with the imperfections of the narrative’s pace they’ll improve on what went with this one. There are potential stories to tell about these colorful birds from Bird Island and their Pig nemesis its definitely one of the best animated features this year that’s not a sequel but an original that has more stories to tell that’s ready to take flight.

“The Angry Birds Movie” is now playing in Philippine cinemas from Sony Pictures Animation distributed locally by Columbia Pictures!


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