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Friday, May 13, 2016

‘Supergirl’ Renewed for Season 2, Moves to CW!

05.13.2016 – ‘Supergirl’ is a hit on CBS but outside the US it had mixed reactions to comic book fans. It’s more appealed to the non-comic book readers who knows the brand, but unfamiliar with the mythology regarding the character.

Overall the first season had garnered high ratings, but for the Asian region she’s the lone TV series by Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg that was the least favorite for a huge demographic that follow The Flash, but there’s big news for this series.

Its was long rumoured and speculated that ‘Supergirl’ would eventually get renewed for the second season at last minute, but CBS won’t produce it due to the budget in making per-episode. A year earlier The CW (which airs Arrow, Flash & Legends of Tomorrow) passing on the series as regretted by Mark Pedowitz, The CW President when presented it in mid-2014, saying, "We hadn't launched The Flash yet, we weren't ready to take on another DC property. In hindsight we probably should've gone that direction...Sometimes you lose great shows."

But then again sometimes opportunities happen for a reason that The CW is partly owned by CBS and Warner Bros Television. It was officially announced that ‘Supergirl’ is renewed for a second season, bur will move to The CW which means production will also make a move to Vancouver as originally the series is shot in Los Angeles. This is great news and that means the series get to crossover with Arrow, The Flash and possibly even Legends of Tomorrow where all these shows are produced by Greg Berlanti having four drama series under one channel.

‘Supergirl’ being a DC poperty, as it moves to the CW will remain solely owned by WBTV, which is the second time had been rumoured to move from CBS. It didn’t happen after the pilot last year. Another drama series, Ringer moved from CBS to the CW after the pilot. The other reason for this move is because this series being CBS Logobased on a DC property is not a co-production with CBS TV Studios as this automatically becomes an original CW series.

There are still one question remains IF actress Calista Flockhart would also make the move to Vancouver? Probably that question will be answered once they start shooting for season 2 for now its all good this series gets to be part of DC Comics ever growing Arrowverse that exist within the DC Multiverse.

'Supergirl' airs in the Philippines same day in the US on ETC channel at 3 PM and primtitme replay at 8 PM. It will soon be airing on Warner TV Asia, but for more about 'Supergirl' LIKE ETC on Facebook!

[ Source: Deadline ]

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