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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Happy Meal PH 2016 | Yo-kai Watches

06.18.2016 – Yo-kai Watch is a popular anime series that began as a Japanese Manga (Comicbook) series in 2012. It’s like Ben10 meets Pokemon is the concept how this becoming a hit with kids as popular anime and videogame.

These are the latest Happy Meal toys from McDonald’s which was released in Japan, which was sold out that was released in December 2015. These where popular in Japan and its now available...

In the Philippines Yo-kai are the latest Happy Meal toys for the month of June and consists of eight colorful watches that feature assorted gimmicks of your choice. Originally in Japan there were ten watches that was released, but eight of these where available from McDonald’s Philippines.

For each pair of Yo-kai have specific gimmicks that either a light-up like a ‘bat signal’ or a mirror that features a hidden character. The watches don’t wristbands and more like oversized dongles for you to attach on your back. They’re not actually non-working watch that kids would play around its gimmick. None of them can tell time but what makes it unique is the simple interactivity for kids to play with that wau it was presented in the anime series.

Yo-kai Watches is the latest Happy Meal toys in the Philippines from McDonald’s which are now available beginning June 17, 2016 until supply lasts.

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