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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Green Arrow #1 | The END

06.19.2016 – Benjamin Percy and Otto Schmidt has their hands full being the creative team to usher “Green Arrow #1” post-DC Universe Rebirth. For those who haven’t been reading about the comicbook series that inspired the CW show, this one is a great jumping point in reconnecting with the character.

What Oliver Queen is to this new series is not just some vigilante who uses a bow and arrow it’s about the life he’s going through while living as the protector of Seattle. After DCU Rebirth things are going back the way fans have gotten used to. Black Canary as per partner and love interest but with a fresh perspective.

The romance is there include the action and the interesting story which beings with “THE DEATH AND LIFE OF OLIVER QUEEN” Chapter One.

There are new challenges and Benjamin Percy takes inspiration from former writers of the series like Dennis O’Neil and Mike Grell, while trying to make the series his own is pretty much a huge pair of shoes to fill as the series writer.

Otto Schmidt on the other hand takes Green Arrow with his art style more like watching an animated series come alive with those brush strokes. The color palette is just right that brings the action right at you. Ollie is not going out to war with his new adversaries but with Black Canary tagging along he also have his estranged sister Emi. The action picks up they take down ‘The Underground Men’ that’s abducts people in the streets of Seattle.

Obviously the title could have been optimistic, but this is just the first issue and Oliver Queen got his hands full in dealing with the immediate threat he’s about to face at the same time dealing with a little bit ‘slice of life.’

What’s more compelling is the discovery of Queen Industry’s facilities being used by these mysterious figures. But behind the scenes the plot would eventually lead back to the connection of who is connected to these people who have bigger plans for the city of Seattle and it’s certainly going to be a big problem for Oliver Queen to deal with.

Its only the first issue and things are just started from good to worse with the occasional cliff hanger for you to grab the second issue when its out next month.


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