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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hilo + Gori | Seventh at NOVA Gallery

06.23.2016 – “SEVENTH” is an upcoming collaboration between two talented visual artists who break the norm and create impressive art beyond comparisons. Each individual has their unique way of expressing theirworks and both have been graffiti artists in their own right.

But what sets them apart is how their works define what imaginative thought gives them an appeal. You’d be surprised that they are biologically related as both HILO and GORI are brothers and that makes this painting exhibition interesting.

The title “SEVENTH” is just number it’s indeed reveal to be the years these siblings have been visual artists celebrating their year. Two distinctive styles with one idea on how to share their imaginative creations that embodies this two- man show.

HILO is a graffiti writer with an edgy writing style making his foot prints in the Philippine street art scene. This is the style that reflects his passion with the art of tattooing where he is also marking a stamp of on people’s skin, literally.

GORI who has appreciation for primates is one part of his origin that was given to his artist name which inhabits most of his works. These characters are often shown caught in their expressions, adapting a delicate environment. Its shows mostly the mood that captures the isolating scene where as a city local himself possibly endures the same kind of condition.

There are sibling rivalries but not unlike this kind of creative appreciation that brings them together. Both artists have their works clash in harmony that defines their collaboration that brings each of their own rooted oddities being streetwise. Seven years of brotherhood facing challenges with undying spirit that defined how “SEVENTH” is just a number but also a celebration.

“SEVENTH” happening at the NOVA Gallery on June 25, 2016 6PM a panting exhibition with HILO and GORI, which also launches the GORITEQ art toy with visual artist QUICCS. For more announcements about upcoming show LIKE NOVA Gallery Manila on Facebook!

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