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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

LEGO® Minifigure | Chicken Suit Guy

06.01.2016 – LEGO® continues to expand the ever growing collectible interest in the Miniifigures, which originally can be found in sets. But due to popular demand they also pioneer the interest through collecting the blind bagged assortments.

Currently LEGO® produced its 14th series, and has already teased the next one at the same time they also have an exclusive set of Minifigures featuring Disney characters. Recently they also have released an Easter edition of the Chicken Suit Guy!

The Chicken Suit Guy which first appeared as part of the Minifigures from Series 9 gets reissued as part of the special promo LEGO® had run sometime in March. In the Philippines its part of a promo that you’ll get it for free when you purchase PhP 3,000 pesos worth of LEGO® sets.

For those who missed out the first release of the Chicken Suit Guy, which goes for $25 US in the secondary market this was the chance to get him. Easter has been done but taking a closer look at the Chicken Suit Guy in this review will give you an idea why this minifigure is sought after.

This was part of the promo for the only LEGO® Store in the Philippines, which is also the same promo with Rustan’s Department Store. The same mechanics applies where you need to make a proof of purchase of LEGO® products worth PhP 3,000.00 pesos to acquire the Easter Edition of the Chicken Suit Guy for FREE. This was released officially for pick up beginning April 11, 2016.

The Chicken Suit Guy is an exclusive Miniifigure released in 2013 as part of Series 9 with new hat piece that represents a chicken head with a hole that shows his face. The hat has an orange beak, two black eyes with white pupils, a red comb and a red wattle. He has a yellow head with an open, smiling mouth, showing his upper teeth, and brown eyebrows. He has a plain white torso. His arms are a mould, exclusive to him, shaped like wings. He has orange legs with white hips, and some white feathers at the top of them, as well as red claw markings at the bottom.

This Chicken Suit Guy is no different from the original version. The only variation is the head piece having no holes on top of the Easter Edition. Of course this comes in a Chicken-coop type packaging, which also doubles as this guy’s home.

Overall sought after Minifigure in a suit and if haven’t followed this is the fourth collectible with new hat piece minifigure in an animal costume. The others include Gorilla Suit Guy, Lizard Man, Bunny Suit Guy, Panda Guy, Bumblebee Girl, Unicorn Girl, Tiger Woman, Piggy Guy, Penguin Guy, and Shark Suit Guy.

“Chiicken Suit Guy” [Easter Edition] was a limited LEGO® Store and Rustan's Department Store Promoe, which was given away for free with a proof of purchase of PhP 3,000.00 pesos worth of LEGO® products in the month of March 2016 in the Philippines.

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