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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Playmobil Figures Series 7 | Camera Guy!

06.02.2016 – Playmobil’s interchangeable mix & match blind bagged figures are slowly picking up interest in the local community. Some who have not known the brand still mistakes it from another popular construction toy brand.

But if you look closely Playmobil is more into getting kids explore their imaginations through the sets that range set from time periods (Castle and Pirates) to modern life. The bind bagged series let you explore and create your own Fi?ures!

The ones currently available in the Philippines which are exclusive to Toys R’ Us stores are from Series 7 (Boys) and Series 8 (Girls). Usually for each series comes for boys and girls, but since the new local distributors is heavily promoting Playmobil in the country they only have Series 7 for Boys and Series 8 for girls. Currently in other region of the world the latest is from Series 10.

But that doesn’t mean they won’t have the current series anytime soon. But slowly local interest to find it interesting that these blind bagged figures can also be customized with creativity and all you need is a few other figures to make that happen. This is basically the selling point of the blind bagged figures. They’re particular different from the Playmobil sets that came with a pre-assembled figure.

Media Guy on the Roll

One of the most sought after characters from the Series 7 (Boys) are the Camera Guy, which fits basically to any situation you put him shooting a film or assisting a Playmobil News Reporter on the scene of breaking news.

The Camera Guy basically comes with 11 pieces including the parts that hold the figure. But what’s eye catching with this character is his gear and line of work. He carries a handheld field camera and a two piece headgear with removal mouthpiece that is attached to his headset. He also sports a vest under a coloful shirt.

On the Scene Whenever He is

This is one of the figures everyone is getting from Series 7 (Boys) that could be used for various play. Its either you can pretend that you’re shooting a period film along with your pirates or he could be part of the news team reporting an incident.

The modern look of the Camera Guy stands out how Playmobil puts quality on this figure that have an occupation to covering the news or just shooting a music video with your Rocker Chick from Series 8 (Girls) certainly the kids will like to have.

Rolling for Film, Music or News

The Camera Guy could be essential to those who wants to do ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at how a period film is shot on camera. But mostly he sure needs a field reporter to be on the scene while covering new about anything that you see on television.

But overall you’ll like this figure from Series 7 (Boys) being just having the best equipment or prop among the other characters from the set. He stands out being everywhere with his handheld camera on hand and ready to go to work. It would be difficult to ignore this figure that’s one that you should be wanting by now.

“Playmobil Fi?ures” series 7 is exclusively available at Toys R' Us in the Philippines for PhP 179.75 pesos.

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