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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Comic-Con® 2016 | Arrow Season 5 Trailer

07.31.2016 - “Arrow” is heading to its fifth season with a different look and going back to the basics as opposed to the past two seasons that involve magic. The surviving crew of Team Arrow pick up the pieces where they left off.

This season have more story go back to its roots how the series established itself prior what has taken place for the most part that introduced Ra’s Al Ghul and Damian Darhk. They reveal a new villain that will drive the narrative all season.

The sizzle reel doesn’t reveal much but introduced new recruits for ‘Team Arrow” having Wild Dog, Artemis, and Mr. Terrific that Green Arrow has easily beaten. The opening part of this footage showing Oliver reminisces about the Season Four finale, talking to Laurel's grave. Laurel's final words to him were that he can't go alone.

While Thea says she can't work the team anymore. Oliver is attacked by a hulking figure in a hood and mask, which was revealed in the panel by Marc Guggenheim named Prometheus. But it's not the Grant Morrison/Howard Porter Prometheus from JLA it’s a new character as its new big bad for the fifth season.

To give you an idea what to expect for Arrow’s fifth season watch the footage bellow featured the tail end of the fourth season finale and some parting words to Oliver from Lauer the former Black Canary:

In this season it was reveal also that the flashback catch up to a close, but starts a new in the time where he was in Russia and how he got his tattoos. There where more details what to expect with David Ramsey’s Diggle not present as part of the team because he went back to become a soldier overseas.

Besides all that Oliver Queen is having a challenge after becoming Mayor of Star City and there’s going to be conflict in there as a politician by day and vigilante at night that’s also the driving force of the narrative for this season.

“Arrow” returns this fall on October 5, 2016 on The CW and this will be aired in Asia through Warner TV and in the Philippines on ETC Channel.

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