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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Marvel Tsum Tsum #1 | Here They Come!

08.06.2016 – “Tsum Tsum” is a stuff toy collectible first introduced in 2013, which features Disney characters that also includes Disney-owned Marvel and Star Wars franchises. They where first released in Japan as a tie up to the Tsum Tsum arcade and mobile games developed by Konami and Line Corporation.

It’s a popular collectible item which Disney has sold 1.8 million “Tsum Tsum” toys. Marvel adapted and produced a comicbook series based on the “Tsum Tsum” toy brand. The name is derived from the Japanese verb tsumu meaning "to stack", because the toys are designed to stack on top of each other, forming a pyramid shape.

Besides stuff toys they have expanded into collectible figurines and die cast cars that you can stack them. In the comicbook written by Jacob Chabot with art by David Baldeon, the “Tsum Tsum” are alien creatures who where smuggled by an alien in the sector where the Guardians of the Galaxy patrols.

The freighter pilot went through a blockade when the Guardians encountered another alien race looking for trouble.

When the freighter shop got damaged one of the shipments containing the “Tsum Tsum” in a briefcase has fallen to Earth.Four kids discovered the alien creatures in the containers colored in white and the kids brought them out where the Avengers where battling Ultron nearby. The Tsum TSum had managed to ‘copy’ the individual members of the Avengers having their own abilities. But they where uncontrollable until they where contained by luring them back to their room with videos and clips about the Avengers, while one Tsum Tsum is missing that was stolen by one of their neighbour who happens to be the recently jailed Looter. Earlier in the series Looter was looking for a jo with Hammerhead speaking on the phone that there was no available racket.

Looter heard the commotion about the “Tsum Tsum” creatures, but one managed to end up in his hands. This is basically targeted to collectors of this line of stuff toys, which featured characters in their “Tsum Tsum” form.

The idea of “Tsum Tsum” exist in the Marvel Universe gives you an idea what these creatures was all about, but its actually a marketing material to promote the product and it was supposed to be a one-shot issue that turns out it’s a series. Besides the launch of this series most of the titles released along with this have variant covers featuring Marvel characters getting into the interest of “Tsum Tsum.”

Its obviously one of the marketing medium to get you interested in the “Tsum Tusm” brand, but despite being a comicbook it had content to give you an idea what these creatures can do. Though you don’t need to put them in the comicbook a “Tsum Tsum” related game would do to give would-be collectors an idea about the concept.

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