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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Sights & Highlights | Ban Kee Trade Show 2016

09.03.2016 – The Ban Kee Tradeshow is an annual private event, where they launch upcoming products of toys, baby products, and other brands that they exclusively distribute in the Philippines. Some of the merchandise and toys they reveal won’t be available which a preview for the fall and Holiday release.

They are primarily known to be the exclusive distributor for brands Bandai namely Gundam and Power Rangers, JADA Toys’ Metals Diecast, Takara Tomy’s Tomica die cast brand, Epoch’s Sylvannian Families and many more.

This event is exclusively catering to Ban Kee’s clients and wholesale sellers over the years, where they reveal the fall release for some of world renowned brands. It was exclusively held at Edsa Shangri-La Hotel, where they have set up one of the function rooms that is like similar to the New York Toy Fair held annually in February.

There you get to talk to the brand managers who handle the specific brands and get information of the products that’s going to be release fro the Philippine market. They don’t sell anything in this event and it’s strictly for their clients as a corporate event. Recently they also invite select media groups that they can have a tie-up for a promotion or companies like Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon, that broadcast the animation or show based on the product that Ban Kee distribute.

In this year’s trading show there are new brands that Ban Kee has acquired and current ones they distribute have revealed the upcoming action figures, and other merchandise. Most of these brand names have been around that gets a revival that has tie up to a brand new animation or TV show.

But here are some notable that might not be as popular as you may thing though it might be interesting to some who have known them for a long time.

Rogue One by Jakks Pacific

The first spin-off from LucasFilms takes place before “Star Wats Episode 4: A New Hope, which features the character Sgt. Jyn Erso as portrayed by Felicia Jones. The upcoming sci-fi space opera as always have upcoming merchandise.

Jakk Pacific known previously to produce small scale action figures is also the one behind the big scale versions. For this they have the rights to product “BIG-FIGS” range of Star Wars oversize figures based from the upcoming “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” set to be released in cinemas on December 16th.

This is the first Star Wars related merchandise for this film to be revealed at the Ban Kee Trading Trade Show that has not yet been available in the market. This will probably be released along with the other related merchandise when its comes out sometime next month.

Grossery Gang

If you heard about ‘Shopkins; you might be find it interesting about “Grossery Gang”, which has the same concept of collectible as this is not exclusively for girls. They have released the first wave sometime in July with two more playsets set to be released this year.

The two playsets are “Vile Vending Machine” which will have four exclusive Grossery Gang characters, while the other is the “Chunky Crunch” playset that features six exclusive color changing Grossery Gang characters not available from the previous release and can be acquired from this set.


The British pre-school television series has been off-air since 2002 you’ll be surprised that there will be a revival that started airing sixty brand new episodes in the United Kingdom and Nick Jr. in the United States in 2014.

When there’s a new show the merchandise are not far behind and this is the first exclusive look at the new Teleltubbies collectibles ranging from soft plush toys to small scale figures that includes playsets that will hit the Philippine stores soon.

This preview gives you a look at the plush toys that have sound gimmick and small figures that have sets on exhibit for the trade show manufactured by Little Characters.

Blazing Teens Yo-yo

There have been animation about putting together a tiny race car to compete and then there’s Blazing Teens, a Chinese animation about teenagers that compete for a yo-yo challenge in school. The series was first introduced in 2006 and merchandise related has released various iteration of the yo-yo appearing in the cartoon.

Notable yo-yo sets was previewed at the Ban Kee Trading Trade Show and previously toy stores like Toy Kingdom and Toys R’ Us has held yo-yo competitions related to the this product similar to how the popularity of Tamiya racing has built a following about this type of hobby.

Gundam Iron-Blood Orphans by Bandai

Bandai continues to produce well-written space sagas about the Gundam mobile suit and they’re not stopping. The popularity of Iron-Blood Orphans is their latest campaign for the brand and at the trade show have the Gundam exhibit related to the series.

They also have Gundam kits that where exclusive only release outside of Japan like the “SD Gundam EX-Standard” series of kits that are now available at Toy Kingdom, Toys R’ Us, and Ban Kee’s Toy Town store. These where only released exclusively for the Asia Pacific market.

Crazy Cart Shift by Razor

For the outdoor individual who enjoys the sun and want cruise the neighborhood the Crazy Cart Shift will definitely come in handy. Though you might only see this available at selected stores, but its definitely a beauty to ride one if you reside in a village or decide to just cruise around in park that has a concrete space.

Produced from the company that brought you those cool scooters this is the second model for the Crazy Cart series. The Shift is made of almost plastic parts, which can accommodate mostly children who would adore the great outdoors. The first model is entirely made of metal so that’s the one the adults should be getting.

The Crazy Cart Shift retails for PhP 16,000.00 pesos and will be available soon in selected toy stores in the Philippines.

These are some of the brands and products that was on exhibit at this year’s “Ban Kee Trading Trade Show” and annually when there’s one coming up its already Christmas in September as most of the exclusive reveals that Ban Kee distribute is seen here first before it makes the retail stores.

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