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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Playmobil Figures Series 7: The Royal King!

04.02.2016 – The Playmobil Figures continue to churn in interesting characters and currently in the Philippines retail stores have series 7 (boys) and 8 (girls) without their counterpart sets that has been sighted as Toys R’ Us Exclusive.

Mystery Figures are an interesting collectible for those who are into Playmobil. They are starters for those who would venture into the hobby. Designated ‘Playmobil Figures 5537’ the blue mystery packs contain one figurine for the boys. Taking a closer look in opening a pack is a surprise since they don’t have a fixed code.

Unlike in the past series they are easily identified through the codes, but with the current series there’s a challenge why it’s a mystery pack. The series 7 for boys include twelve randomly pack figures and feeling through them is also a challenge, but if you know what you’re looking for you’ll know what to get.

There’s a King Revealed

One of the mystery figures included in the 7th series for boys is the Royal King which is the partner for the Queen on the same series that is the mystery figure for the girls pack. This gives the collectors which gender to collect, but it would be great if they unified the mystery pack altogether just like their toy competitor does with their own mystery figures that’s currently on its 15th series.

But there are pros for having separated the boys and girls mystery packs. It gives the consumer choice to pick either for a boy or a girl. Besides both sets are part of the same series its still interesting to get the ones that stand out on both packs.

His Royal Highness

The King from the Mystery Figures from series 7 contains thirteen pieces that includes the two-piece assembly of his crown, belt, sword, sceptre, and the entire figure itself in gold and purple that includes white trimmings in his cape.

His royalty stands out due to the figure is painted in gold with a purple sceptre and a sword that can be worn on his belt. The crown is also in gold and on the top part is colored in purple that is easily can felt through the mystery pack. The King is one of the easiest to decipher due to the rounded cape just like the Queen’s dress in the girl’s version of the mystery pack of the same series.

Least Favorite Royalty

The figure is great with the level of detail Playmobil has put together in this figure, but for most collectors he’s probably the least favorite. Some would aim to acquire the other interesting figures in the 7th series.

But getting them all would give you an idea to mixing their body parts like most collectors would customize their version of a Playmobil figure. This is one of the concepts of the brand itself. But if you just go after the ones that really stand out it appears the King is not of the favorites to acquire

“Playmobil Fi?ures” series 7 is exclusively available at Toys R' Us in the Philippines for PhP 179.75 pesos.

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