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Monday, October 24, 2016

Hollywood HQ | DC Entertainment Tour

10.24.2016 – Just in time to celebrate Wonder Woman’s 75th anniversary is Variety’s premier for ‘Hollywood HQ’ hosted by Jessica Chobot (of Nerdist News), where she tours inside DC Entertainment’s office in Burbank California.

Chobot tours the DC Collectible, where exclusive toys and other merchandise are revealed. She also goes to the DC Library, where the comicbooks are archived, and finally the costumes used in the movies are also shown and more!

The exclusive tour inside the DC Entertainment office takes fans behind the scenes look on what they have in-store from collectibles, DC’s past publications, and movie props as guest host Jessice Chobot usher the launch of Hollywood HQ with this never before seen video tour below:

DC Entertainment’s vaults with exclusives never before seen is something you don’t see everyday and definitely comibook fans would definitely have a field days seeing this in person for now enjoy the footage!

[Source: Variety]

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