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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Happy Meal #1Shots | Sun: Pikachu

08.12.2017 – Pokemon has been one of Nintendo’s iconic brands since the 1990s. From an RPG game from their handheld game unit to animated series it continues to evolve, which recently introduced Pokemon Sun & Moon.

To tie-up with the latest iteration of the game Nintendo and McDonald’s introduce it for their Happy Meal which is now the current toys in Australia this month along with Hello Kitty. One of the iconic Pokemon characters included is Pikachu!

The transition of a new Happy Meal in Australia is not as immediate as compared to the ones sold in Asia particularly in the Philippines due to that the roster of toys included. For this month if you’re from around Australia the latest toys are from Hello Kitty, which is similar to the one currently in the Philippines and Pokemon promoting the latest iteration of characters from Sun and Moon.

July’s Happy Meal Toys in Australia

For most of the Happy Meal toys that featured Pokemon you’ll never miss seeing Pikachu as one of the characters in the game and the little sparkplug is also included in the toys. There are ten Pokemon characters in the Happy Meal for boys subdivided into five characters for Sun and another five for Moon.

They’re randomly available every fortnight unlike in the Asian region, where they all get to be available for you to immediately to complete a set for those who want them all. But for casual collectors with only their selected favorite character it’s definitely a challenge getting one particularly IF its Pikachu, since they only release two or three each character fortnightly or every Sunday in South Australia.

Pikachu #TeamSun

Every Happy Meal toy that features Pokemon, Pikachu is included in the roaster since the game is divided into two groups the little sparkplug is part of Pokemon Sun. There have been many versions of Pikachu with different types of gimmicks, but since the creature is an electric based Pokemon most of it is light-up.

For this version it’s still a light-up toy, where the left cheek show’s Pikachu’s electric symbol when pointed on a white surface when you press the button near the tail that also has an on/off switch. The only articulated part of this figurine is the tail that pivots left to right and vice versa. Every Pokemon includes one of twelve cards that can be used for the Pokemon TCG game that you can and this includes Cutiefly.

Pikachu IS the face of Pokemon in the videogames and in the animated series despite many changes and introduction of other Pokemon characters. You can consider the character fairly common, but as a Happy Meal toy Pikachu is VERY popular among the younger kids being able to play the game or have seen the cartoons. Like most Happy Meal toys Pikachu gets immediately sold depends on which McDonald’s store, but overall if you ever a fan of Pokemon you just need to get this character first.

Pokemon Sun & Moon Happy Meal toys are now available in Australia. You can avail the toy without the need to purchase the meal for $2.00 AUD or PhP 80.54 in Philippine Peso. This was acquired at the McDonald’s in Hindley Street in Adelaide.

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