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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

World Peacekeepers | Ranger Heavy Gunner

08.08.2017 – There have been other Military-themed action figures outside the iconic G.I. Joe by Hasbro and some of them are highly detailed at the same time affordable. Most of them capture the modern look of the military in the current iteration.

Some of them have come and gone or sometimes rebranded as a new product. Then there’s that exclusively available only for one retail store. These are the World Peacekeepers and taking a look at one of their basic figures namely this Ranger.

World Peacekeepers is manufactured by Hong Kong-based toy company M&C, which also produce 12-inch or 1/6 scale figures. They have expanded the 1/18 scaled for their military series that includes vehicles and upcoming playsets. Currently it’s a store exclusive for Target Australia.

Like any action figure it is packaged in blister card back, WKP certainly put quality in their product that stands out in Target’s display shelf. The card back‘s front in jungle camouflage, where the figure sits in a plastic tray along with his accessories describing its articulation and scale. At the back of the blister card shows three types of World Peacekeepers that includes Ranger, Delta Force and Navy Seal.

Toy Soldier 1:18

There are like four types of Rangers in the WKP toyline and you’ll notice the difference through their accessories and head sculpt. There are two types of Rangers wearing two different hats, and the one you’ll see at the back of the packaging is the standard Ranger. This one wears a more rounded hat and there’s another variant of this figure that has a different facial expression.

What makes WKP stands out among the other military-themed 1/18 scale toyline is the quality they have put on the figure not only in the colors, but the highlight if this product is the articulation.

But this is not a perfect figure as the downside of it is the quirky facial expressions they’re marginalized standard soldiers without character or personality. You’ll only see the same soldier in other variations of this Ranger in different facial reactions. The other noticeable part of the WKP figures most of their right hand is in a pointing position, which is challenging to make it hold his weapon.

Accessorizing for Battle

This Ranger comes with an M-60 or a smaller variant and backpack with garter straps instead of moulded pegs to mount in the figure’s back, which is a rarity for some of the military-themed toys going for realism. The machine gun’s bullet clip is not removable and it’s molded to the weapon itself, but it comes with a bipod.

The bipod though doesn’t attach to the part where it supposed to be, which can be easily get lost. Some variant of this Ranger figure comes with more accessories, but this one simply has the most decent weapon. They could have added a smaller rifle to compliment it, but this is just a matter of personal opinion.

Overall this World Peacekeeper Ranger is the most decent figure among the multiple variations of this particular type solider facial-wise. The rest are not entirely convincing for a single carded figure when it comes to facial sculpt. They have the best articulation and quality for its product, but lost some points in the sculpting when it comes to the face of the soldiers and still would recommend it for the value.

World Peacekeepers: Ranger is just one of the three types of military-themed range of figures, vehicles and playsets from M&C, which is exclusively available at Target Australia retailed at $3.00 AUD or PhP 119.59 Philippine pesos.

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