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Monday, September 4, 2017

Force Friday II | in South Australia

09.04.2017 – Force Friday returns and its where “Star Wars” merchandise is ‘un-boxed’ and it’s also a countdown to “The Last Jedi”, which is less than three months to go. All over the world it is now considered a tradition for the fans to be there.

The event happened in various regions from Singapore, Philippines, and North America to name a few. In Australia there was a live un-boxing on Facebook and stores extended early opening at Toys R’ Us at 7 AM to 5:30 PM on Friday. The rest of the weekend various stores like Big W, Kmart and Target reveal their toys…

It was Sunday and things are looking like the storm has left Toys R’ us and one store in South Australia has that kind of vibe. The TRU store in Westfield Tea Tree Plaza had a slow day yesterday, but still you can see how “Force Friday II” has descended in this particular branch. The other store counterparts in the area have the new LEGO sets at Target and Kmart.

Early this morning before heading to TRU, the Apple store in Rundle Mall had their own Force Friday launch with the new Sphero R2-D2 and BB9-PE droids with one corner of this big shop. It was also Father’s Day for the Dads who were into Star Wars growing up and there are plenty of activities happening during this ‘Star Wars Weekend” that culminated with “Force Friday II” and here some of those images:

Toys R’ us at Tea Tree Plaza

There are three TRU stores in So8uth Australia that simultaneously opened its doors on Friday at 7 AM and there was no midnight launch unlike the one in the Philippines or Singapore, but they did a live un-boxing event through Facebook Live.

Photos taken yesterday also includes other old Star Wars line from Rogue One and some assortments from Star Wars Rebels, which also still have the Force Awakens assortments that’s nearly extinct now that TLJ has arrived.

Target at Tea Tree Plaza

Within the area of Westfield Tea Tree Plaza the Target store nearby also have released some LEGO Star Wars sets from TLJ and they highlight the BB-8 big scale set (not in photo) and vehicles from the upcoming film.

So far they still have the regular figures from Rogue One that will probably be in clearance soon, which is still going for $ 15.00 AUD (PHP 600.00 pesos) and most of them are the ones that barely move the Target shelf.

Apple Store in Rundle Mall

The only Apple store in South Australia had their Force Friday II launch with the new Sphero droids introducing R2-D2 and a second BB unit known as BB9-PE, which in the US considered available in other retail markets that is exclusive only at the Apple store in downtown Adelaide.

Besides the Sphero droids, littleBits released the Droid Inventor kit that would help you build your own R2-D2 droid unit that also teaches you about electronics. It’s two times taller than the R2-D2 Sphero droid unit.

So far these are the stores that have the latest Star Wars merchandise in South Australia and there will be more to be stocked soon.

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