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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Playmobil City Action | Robber's Quad with Loot

02.22.2018 – Playmobil continues to expand and reissue previous figures and vehicles into repackaging them for a theme. But don’t expect the exact replica to be done again with similar accessories. Sometimes it comes back in a new color and keeping it interesting with the changes.

There are diverse themes that include Playmobil City Action, which basically is focused on the related range that has Fire Rescue and Police as the cornerstone for their product. The City Action continues to evolve with kids’ use of their imagination through play and it’s where the Robber is introduced.

For 2017 Playmobil, it has introduced new playsets, figures, and vehicles for the City Action Police range that includes the Robber's Quad with Loot which is set number 6879. This is quite interesting for a small set as part of the Police theme it is probably the only Robber that is not included in a huge playset.

The Police theme mostly have patrol cars and figure sets produced by Playmobil, but never have a “baddie” character having his standalone set. Usually, the “bad guys” in the Police theme are included in the big play sets not being separated which its own set. We can’t confirm or deny it this might the very first set that features a “bad Guy” character in a City Action series set focused in this range for this Police theme.

Assembly Still Required

A Playmobil set or vehicle doesn’t come fully assembled when you open the box. They are packaged in separate small bags. The Quad Bike needs to be put together and also some of the accessories like the tablet and computer/TV monitor need to have stickers applied. What’s surprisingly detailed about Playmobil is quality which is not only the toys but the sticker sheet.

The Playmo Figure of course is already pre-assembled as you’ll immediately see him bagged with the other accessories unlike the blind figure packs that you can interchange some of the body parts. But the entirety of the set focus on putting together the Quad Bike and it’s good that the main part of it is the tampograph art already applied instead of stickers needed to be applied.

Quad Biker and Loot

The set 6879 is interesting not that it has the first “baddie” produced separately with its own set. But it has this cool quad bike or ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) as most commonly known. Besides that it has his loot that the Robber has stolen from his victims. This guy must be a burglar victimizing suburbs as evident to the loot that he has hauled that was loaded his Quad Bike.

There are interesting artifacts and gadgets that are included in the loot that he has stolen. Chief among the haul are jewelry inside a safety box, a flat screen Computer/TV monitor, a golden idol, and a tablet that seem to be an Apple iPad only a bit thicker for the Playmo Figure to hold.

What’s so special about the Quad Bike is with its functional winch and straps to hold the Robber’s loot at the back with a modified tray. Both are functional parts that can be removed and stripped down turning it into an stabdard Quad Bike. But a modified Quad Bike is way better with all the bells and whistle that also includes extra fog lamps attached to the roll cage that have the working winch.

It’s a Pullback Action Bike

Another gimmick with the Quad Bike is that it has a pullback action as explained in the side of the box. You won’t notice it but that takes this set to a higher level with its functionality. Rarely, most of the Playmobil vehicles have light-up and sound gimmicks but with a pullback feature this Quad Bike is certainly hard to catch with his loot strapped so it won’t fall off.

The design quality of Playmobil continue to get better as this Quad Bike has rubber tires and well detailed sculpt based on actual ATVs, but this one was modified by a Robber for loading up loots and that makes its one of the interesting vehicles for the City Action range in the Police theme.

Face of the Criminal

The Playmo Figure that is included in this set is none other than the Robber, which doesn’t appear to be menacing. But Playmobil is slowly breaking the traditional smiling figure as this one has the face paint and with a menacing smiles not a cheerful one. But you won’t see this Robber’s menacing smile as his face is covered with a scarf plastic piece that attaches to his neck.

He comes with a variety of accessories too that can be attached to the Quad Bike. This includes a flashlight, glass cutter to open windows, and crow bar to break doors some safes. Plus, he wears a pair of red gloves and a helmet. The Playmo figure comes with the standard hairpiece. What’s worth noting in this figure is the symbol on his shirt that matches the same one on the hood of the Quad Bike. Is it an insignia of a gang or is just a symbol that this Robber wears as an individual character? We’ll never find out until Playmobil does produce another “bad guy” with the similar markings if they are making a faction for the Police to catch.

Overall the Robber’s Quad with Loot has enough play value for kids to pair up with the Police Bike that has Light-up features that are set number 6923. The Quad itself is worth the accessory for its working winch, detailed rear storage compartment, and the pullback gimmick. The accessories are a plus that has the ‘Baddie’ figure which is exclusive in this set.

The only downside is the diamonds that are stickers instead of a solid plastic piece, but due to child safety, it has to be a sticker so it won’t be swallowed and it will be permanently stuck inside the black safety box to avoid getting lost. But entirely this is a set that’s worth getting if you’re into City Action and let’s see if Playmobil will expand the ‘Baddies’ not just an extra in the Police sets.

Playmobil City Action 6879 Robber's Quad with Loot is retailed at $19.99 AUD, which is exclusively available at Toy World in Adelaide distributed by Modern Brands. For more about Playmobil Community in the Philippines LIKE Pinoymobil on Facebook!


Thanks to Greenlight Comics, it is where this review was produced with the cover photo shoot was done at TAFE SA in Regency Park.

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