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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Do You Decoback?

06.27.2010 - For those who are into Toy Photography and have been interested in using scenic backgrounds for less cost there's a product called Decoback. It will be out sometime this week and it will be available at Great Toys Online for PhP 450.00 pesos ($9.00 USD).
There are five combination of scenic backgrounds ranging from mountains to space scenes, where you can see the planet Earth. Its a great material to enhance your toy photography needs with this unique background...

In each scenic background you can use it in three combination for example the airport background has two parts, where its back is an interior base where you can swap for a combination. There was sample test shots we use for you to check out, and might be in your interest to get one here...

Again Decoback is one good alternative for you who can use scenic backgrounds for dioramas or for your toy photography.

One can be creative in switching background if you have all five sets. Decoback is available and distributed by Great Toys Online for only PhP 450.00 pesos ($9.00 US Dollars).

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