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Monday, September 20, 2010

Keannu enthusiastic about a 'Bill & Ted' Sequel.

09.20.2010 - Its been a while since you've heard of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, but you might not be born yet in 1988 when this film came out.

It has spawned a sequel in Bogus Journey, and it had a cult following.
Jump in after the cut...

Clearly the Wyld Stallyns will forever be known, which Keannu Reeves can attest to that as he sat and talked to MTV on how enthusiastic about a possible third movie.

From the looks of it he was serious or was he not? Just joking in the midst of the recent Toronto Film Festival, where he was promoting "Henry's Crime" as MTV probed further. If you think Mr. Reeves is skeptical watch this interview courtesy of MTV...

At 46 years old Keaanu Reeves looks serious with that interest if the story is well written, that can stand on its own legs why not. That would be cool to see the younger generation how Bill and Ted returns with a third film and 2014 is not far to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

That would be most excellent if that happens dude!

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