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Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Emerging Success of Komikon 2010!

11.14.2010 - A few hours ago the Philippines' Komikon 2010 has wrapped up its one day event, but what a captivating sight so to speak. On its sixth appearance Komikon 2010 has attracted more Filipinos getting into the comic scene.

The Filipino Komiks Culture is growing with untapped grass roots emerging every step of the way.
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Talent-wise the Philippines is rich of artistic talent. You just don't know where to look, but that came to a reality when Komikon came to the industry on October 2005. Its been five years of trial and error. Because to organize a convention its not about one person claiming the name to fame, but a group of hardworking and passionate individuals who knows about the Filipino komiks industry.

We mean it that hype is nothing when you talk about real people doing the job they passionately love to do.

Believe me when you mean a group of people who share one passionate goal. They are not in it for the money or glory they are surely contributing something for to the community.

Seriously folks the recently concluded Komikon has exceeded expectation, and definitely is taking the baby steps in its five year old body of work. A lot of memorable scenes from the event made it more special. On the podium with Syeri Zamar was the father-son tandem of Jess and Manix Abrera was mostly the highlight to everyone's delight.

The elder Abrera in his first Komikon appearance has won everyone's hearts. We where quite entertained and took notice to his advice. He said that "To be a good artist you have to tell the story and not only using visuals, but to have substance in your material." He further added that its a continuous growth, and not just by telling a story with nice visuals it has to have content.

The crowd applauded to everyone's agreement, that Jess Abrera was quite the darling of the audience. Manix was awesome too and he was the most lined up artist in his table.

I was jokingly telling him that you have the Neil Gaiman Effect, and was a bit of shied about that comment. He was nice enough to have everyone signed his latest book (which it was released as of this writing) beyond the closing of the event.

Comic Odyssey had an area at the far end of the hall, and it was bustling with back issues for P20.00 pesos. You get five comics and you'll get one for free. There was a lot of interesting stuff there, which is mainly the indie comics. There where an abundance of talent shown in this event, and the Starmall Trade Hall was a nice fit to see this event in a brightly lit place.

After Jess and Manix Abrera on stage we get to see Carlo Pangulayan, Stephen Segovia, and one of the main attraction of STGCC 2010 --Harvey Tolibao. A threesome treat for those who was crowding their table that day.

All three artists will be at the upcoming Singapore Toys, Games, and Comic Convention in December, and you thought Harvey is flying alone to see The Biggest Pop Culture event in Asia. So aside from the hilarious banter among the three friends we get to see other well known artists who had set up their stuff.

We also get to see notable personalities like Jiggy Cruz who left with a huge bag of assorted indie well as local komiks. Familiar friends where around like Jonas Diego, Lyndon Gregorio, and Ariel Atienza to name a few.

The venue was just right where some of the visitors gets to sit down and browse off their purchases. It was like in a foreign convention but entirely this is all Filipino Pop Culture Komiks event as its finest. You can say this convention is for the Filipino talents. Definitely foreign publishers should really take a look on how Filipinos have an affect in the international scene.

You already have one Leinil Yu making awesome comics for Marvel, and will be present in this year's STGCC 2010. Now that's proof Filipinos can make or break abroad, and thanks to the Komikon organizers in enhancing that with more talent.

Overall it was one festive event you should not pass up. The next one will be held somewhere in April 2011, and expect that their going to be a two-day event when Summer Komikon prepare to change your perspective.


  1. thank you very much for the very nice write up. very heartfelt. the part i like best was where you wrote about sir jess abrera, that was really awesome!

  2. We weren't able to hear the stage from the back end :( But we did enjoy the mayhem...
    So you were the guy the Cam...Thanks for dropping by the Point Zero booth! :P