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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tron: Legacy in a Playboy World.

12.15.2010 - Tron: Legacy is a few days away and The Grid is getting a lot of revival from the movie to the merchandise.

Don't count out the parodies too but this one would be every geek's fan-gasmic imagination.
Jump after the cut...

Playboy is taking it to the next level, and we can't refuse yourself from just being just goody nerds. This might not be up your alley but every guy out there should really check out what the Digital Bunny is up to this time.

Recently Playboy had an exclusive nude pictorial and behind-the-scenes shoot, which inspired the upcoming sequel to the 1982 classic. This film revolutionized the way we see it in a whole new twist unadulterated. This is not for those who are just there for the hype but a tribute for the fans who followed its revival.

Check out this awesome pictorial surely a worthy for those who wants to get a bit of elecTRONica...

If you want to see the stills from the pictorial then better jump in to your Light Cycle and grab to your handle bars this one's gonna be a different kind of Grid.

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