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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tron Legacy Toys Sighted in the Philippines.

12.05.2010 - Tron Legacy is twelve days away and look what the start of the holiday season has brought us.

Yes, its the Tron Legacy toys has been sighted at one of the shops in Manila from Spin Masters.

Another movie theme toy line that will surely fly off the toy shelves.
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Though not a complete line we've spotted its surely to catch everyone's eye. Most notable are the 3.75 or 1:18 scale action figures with light up action when you press their chest. Spotted figures are: Kevin Flynn, Clu, Clu's Sentry, and Sam Flynn going for PhP 499.75 pesos (roughly $10.00 US) each.

The only vehicle for this scale that we saw is Kevin Flynn's classic Light Cycle color in white which is going for PhP 999.00 pesos (roughly $20.00 US). There is also the 8 inch figures as wells the 2 inch non-poseable figures. Not to forget the Hot Wheels size vehicles which includes the Light Runner and the Light Cycles of the characters from the movie.

Tron Legacy opens on December 17, 2010 and it is locally distributed by Walt Disney International Pictures available on Real 3D and IMAX 3D cinemas.

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