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Monday, December 6, 2010

TS118 Goes Super Size DMD!

12.06.2010 - Toy Soldier 1:18 is a group of hobbyist who are fans of G.I. Joe cartoons as well as interested into military themes in 1:18 or 3.75 scale action figures. Basically they are the counterpart of Transformers Philippines who are Transformers hobbyist in short Transfans.
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The difference between these groups is what defined them which are truly passionate about. For Toy Soldier 1:18 or TS118 they are mostly known for showcasing dioramas thought impossible. Namely their diorama concept known as Dynamic Modular Diorama.

The Dynamic Modular Diorama or known as DMD is not just run-on-the-mill type of diorama. They tell you the story depicted not in a static diorama, but by changing the display every four hours the way a scene in a movie happens. Though unlike any movie as the story happens immediately you just have to keep checking the diorama display.

TS118 has been originator of this concept when it was introduced in TOYCON 2008. It has become their trademark, which has been praised locally and internationally. A group founded in 2004 has grown into something not just a group of toy collectors, but a community who have shown that there's more to this hobby than meets the eye.

This December they are breaking new grounds with that concept. TS118 will hold a Super Size Dynamic Modular Diorama outdoors. The biggest and the most ambitious plan ever hatched from the genius of Glen "Flash" Antonio and his fellow TS118 collaborators. They are giving you the reason why there's still an online community in the advent of social networking.

There will be a huge playsets of military army type vehicles from the G.I. Joe Toyline and it will be on display. The biggest diorama ever assembled could pass up as a Guinness World of Records for the most toys displayed outdoors.

We encourage all Toy Photography enthusiasts out there who would take this opportunity to be there at the event as it unfolds. This is not only for Toy Photographers, but to anyone interested to capture this on camera we are inviting you to take part of this monumental event.

This event will be happening on December 11, 2010 at the Legazpi Carpark conducted between 7AM - 12PM. Bring you digital camera and freshly charged batteries, because this is going to be a long day.

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