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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Battle Between The Toy Meals!

01.12.2011 - After long weeks in the province away from the hustle and bustle of the city I felt like disconnected for too long. Surprisingly when I have arrved here at Davao city the first thing I saw was the latest McDonald's Happy Meal.

You got to be kidding! Way back last year this came out after San Diego Comic-con wrapped up in the US.
Jump after the cut...

The Marvel Heroes are now extremely sold out as we speak, and the same goes to the Jollibee Kids Meal toys.

Their featured toys are from Ben10 Ultimate Alien, which was gone in less than a week. I couldn't believe these toy meals have gained such interest down south.

It seems we got ourselves in-between the competition between Jollibee and McDonald's for the coolest toys for this year. Let's hopew we see some more cool stuff from these fast food joints.

The one that baffles me is why only four Marvel Heroes for the boy toys on McDonald's Happy Meal. They missed out on bringing the Silver Surfer, Captain Amerioca, Human Torch and the Thing. It could be cool to have all eight all together, but bringing only four in asia is like short changing the consumers.

At least we got the first two best ones out of four that are literally sold out. The Hulk tops them all followed by Wolverine. Iron Man and Spider-Man are... Let's just say warming up the display glass waiting to be gone too along with the Hello Kitty for the girls toys.

The Jollibee Kids Meal toys are cool also with Ben10 for the boy toys interest is running high with the latest TV series Ultimate Alien. I haven't checked with reagard to the Powerpiff Girls Z, but surely its gonna be gone too in a few days.

For those in to Marvel Heroes I know its almost two weeks, but surely you can track down The Hulk and Wolverine first and worry about the others later.

Well with Jollibee kids meal toys most majority, who would be picking these up are the kids.

The winner are the consumers who'll get the interest. Surely for me Marvel Heroes takes the cake on this one.

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