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Friday, August 28, 2015

Happy Meal PH 2015: Happy!

08.27.2015 – Happy finally makes it to the Philippines for late August early September Happy Meal toy offered in the country. This was previously speculated early in May when Singapore first offered them bringing only eight variations.

Happy has slowly appear in the Happy Meal displays early this year first sighted as an image together with the promotion for the DreamWorks Animation feature ‘Home’ and then followed with appearance in ‘Shaun the Sheep’ display.

This continued but was moved from behind the scenes to give way for The Minions promotion in July. But then there was images of Happy as the next toy offered at McDonald’s yesterday reports that its already being sold somewhere in Quezon City. So far no other McDonald’s store has been sighted until someone shared an image of ‘Happy’ toys on display at McDonald’s in Antipolo City.

Originally ‘Happy’ first appeared in Europe almost two years ago, and then the toys first offered in Australia where you collect ALL SIXTEEN variation of ‘Happy’ depicted in diverse character appearance.

The one offered in Singapore three months ago is the same set that is now available in the Philippines minus the Alien, Construction Worker, Witch, Diver, Cowboy, Jester, Pirate, and Farmer. Leaving only EIGHT characters to collect in the Asian region and there are no news if these will be available in North America.

But if you missed the other eight we’ve got you covered a closer look at three out of the eight that’s not available in Asia namely Cowboy, Diver, and Jester, which where available during its original release in Australia back in September 2013.

For the Asian release the line-up of Happy is not all that bad since McDonald’s have EIGHT for you to collect namely the Artist, Cosmonaut, Musician, Inventor, Stunt Driver, Surfer, Monster and Policeman. They are now available in selected McDonald’s outlets in the Philippines until supply last.

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