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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Mr. Potato Heads for Star Trek, Three Stooges, and Wizard of Oz!

02.02.2011 - If you haven't watched Toy Story 3 last year one of the most unlikely heroes in the animated film is Mr. & Mrs Potato Heads.

Anyone can relate to a Mr. Potato Head from their childhood.

PPW Toys is bringing a whole slew of licensed Mr. & Mrs. Potato Heads to stores in Summer 2011.
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Who would have thought a Potato Head would crossover to other pop culture properties. From Transformers, Star Wars, and Marvel Potato Heads where made to make you laugh or the kids will surely adored to have one.

In the Philippines the most well known Mr. Potato Head became a celebrity, and had a personality of its own having photos with well known stars locally. Rarely you'll see one Optimash Prime still being sold, but surely you'll like more of the ever growing Potato Heads to portray other well known characters in the the pop culture scene.

There where real live people that Mr. Potato Head had portrayed previously like ISS, Elvis and Pro Sports Potato Heads. This dummer expect a new Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head figures based on Star Trek, Wizard of Oz and the Three Stooges.

Where no Potato Head has gone before as Star Trek Mr. Potato Head - Kirk and Kor. A set Star Trek Mr. Potato Head series will "Beam Up" to store this summer. Featuring Captain Kirk and his original Klinong Nemesis; Kor.

A variety of mix and match components highly detailed and included to the set, which is perfect for play or display. No Trekkie without anything Star Trek without a Mr. Potato Head Star Trek theme sold as set for $30.00 each available by August 2011. announced that they will also release a set that will include "Mr. Spock and Lt. Uhura, for example, and they may also feature familiar TOS equipment and Enterprise components."

The Three Stooges will also have a Mr. Potato Head Set, which pays homage to everyone's favorite slapstick trio this summer. The Three Stooges Mr. Potato Head Collectors Set includes Larry, Moe and Curly with a variety of components to mix and match.

Lastly the announcements by PPW Toys is The Wizard of Oz Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head set. If you know the classic film you'll be wanting these special collectors set includes Dorothy and all her friends; The Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion.

Crafted in high quality and extremely detailed each figure comes with mix and match components. The set will be released sometime during Summer 2011.

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  1. Hello! This is a refreshing find! I was browsing for Mr. Potato Head items that may be lurking online, waiting to get bought, when I chanced upon your blog. I've seen this news in the PPW toys website but hearing it from a fellow Filipino sure is fun. :)

    I am a big fan of the Mr. Potato Head toys. I'm still wishing my lucky stars that these two series you featured will be available here in the Philippines. Chances are, it won't (just like Elvis).