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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Movie Review: Walt Disney's Tangled!

02.02.2011 - Tangled is Disney's 50th animated feature in the Walt Disney Animated Classics Series, that was shown late last year in the US. Originally based from the German fairy tale Rapunzel by the Brothers Grimm.

Critically acclaimed and positively accepted by the Philippine viewers, when Walt Disney Pictures Philippines held a special screening on January 24 and 25.

This is definitely a movie for the kids and the kid at heart.
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Everyone had grown up to see these classic fairy tale, and Walt Disney had lived up to bringing Tangled to the big screen.

A Fairy Tale not about Rapunzel

For the past years the previous fairy tale classics presented by Walt Disney stayed traditional. Originally the first fairy tale classic Disney ever had was Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs and that was back in 1937.

Traditionally the animation was in two dimensional art work. Today with the advent of the Computer Graphics animation Disney takes leaps, and bounds applying technology to please the viewers with intricate detail. Tangled was the most expensive animation ever made and didn't sacrifice the story for its sophisticated technology.

Best viewed in Digital 3D wand with so much details one might get lost track of the story as the film rolls.

Storywise its still the story of Rapunzel with a different take for the modern times. She's not the main star of the story but every character you'll see has there own moments. Its a something Walt Disney should be proud of bringing it Blu-Ray or DVD anytime soon, and this film does not disappoint the laugh trip.

Easter Egg Suggestions

Though not to completely spoil you on the events happening on Tangled you just have to see the film in every scene. The filmmakers have put a few little Easter eggs, and nods to other Disney movies in there.

So if your aching to watch Tangled keep your eyes peeled for those interesting Easter eggs, because you might blink and miss those interested tidbits entirely. You must also keep your ears open as there are musical scores that would be familiar to you.

Some notable characters and elements making the scene are from Pinocchio, Snow white, Beauty & The Beast, Cinderella, Lion King and many more.

Get glued to the big screen in catch the Easter eggs while you enjoy the view.

Overall this goes up 5 out 5 geekSTAR points for such innovation, and quite an interesting modern taker in the story.

Walt Disney's Tangled is shown today across the Philippines in 3D cinemas nationwide!

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