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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Toy Run at Lotte Mart's TRU ToyBox in Tongyeong City!

03.24.2011 - Exploring the scenes in Korea won't be more interesting without its local shops. The place where we get to see is Lotte Mart.

In the Philippines this is the counterpart of SM ShoeMart department stores or if you have been to Walter Mart the culture is almost the same.

Though they don't have large malls in the downtown part of Tongyeong City, because we are located at the Gyeongnam Province three hours away from Pusan South Korea. The Lotte Mart is the most familiar among the locals.

We had a rare chance to drop by and check Lotte Mart where a Toys R' Us ToyBox section is located. Not as fully stocked as we have in the Philippines TRU Toy Box it has some stuff we don't see being sold in department stores.

This might come of a shock if your looking at the pirce tag just to give you an update. The exchange rate for W1,000.00 Won Korean currency is equivalent to $1.00 US Dollar so do the math and check out these toy run photos...

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