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Saturday, May 7, 2011


05.07.2011 - In less than a few hours from now the doors to the biggest event happening for the fifth time in the Philippines is about to unfold.

Free Comic Book Day is like your birthday and everyone in the whole world is celebrating it. This single event happening has been much awaited like Christmas in the summer.

Over the course of the week we where hard at work in getting the word out, and educating every single noob out there who has never heard of FCBD. In 2007 it never happened if it wasn't for one comic book shop named Comic Odyssey, who started all this madness of fun. It has become an annual event that some won't believe until they asked regarding the word "FREE."

In the past a few local retailers would sell those supposed "FREE" comics for a profit, and the event FCBD was unheard of until the rest was history.

For this year FREE COMIC BOOK DAY in the Philippines takes it to the whole new level in promoting this campaign to get everyone interested in comics. Its one of those reason why it was given away for free.

Last night we where given the chance to peek at one of the boxes, and the opportunity to see what to expect for this celebration. If anyone was not aware about this celebration maybe you should check out the story behind FCBD.

On its 10th year this is the biggest event not to miss as artist, fan, geek, and everyone in-between who has followed this event will be lining up.

We at GeekMatic! will be teaming up with our Singaporean friends in Here Be Geeks to do a coverage for this spectacle.

We will also do a coverage in other shops as well here in Manila namely Sputnik Fantastik, MCC 2011 Where National Bookstore is also participating, and Planet X Comics.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to celebrate the fun as well as the event that everyone has been lining up for. Not to forget to check the official facebook page, while your at it.

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