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Monday, August 15, 2011

Movie Reviews: The Smurfs, Cowboys & Aliens, and Crazy Stupid Love

Been a while since I've posted any movie reviews, and there's a couple already on my backlog that needs some reviewin' to be done to 'em. For the past week and so, I've been invited to attend screenings of the movies - The Smurfs, Cowboys & Aliens, and Crazy Stupid Love, and each is of a different genre and category that will (or will not) appeal to individuals hankering for some movie R&R time. Since I'm tackling three different movies this time around, these will just be regulated to mini-reviews and the score. I'll keep things simple, straight to the point, and hopefully a tad more honest and true on how I perceive each of these films on my personal ratings scale. Thanks again goes to the various sponsors for the invites on these screenings!

The Smurfs
Little blue men and Neil Patrick Harris go on an adventure that takes them around New York City which changes their lives for the better. That pretty much sums up what this animated venture based on the old 80's cartoon I and so many other people in the world have grown up with, only it feels a bit kiddy and dated for my tastes now that I'm older. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love The Smurfs for what they are, but their song is EXTREMELY annoying, and plus points goes to the film for actually pointing that out! It's your typical kid movie that you can take the family to for some laughs and cute moments. Worth it in 3D? Kinda, but only if you want to see Papa Smurf and co. kick ass against Gargamel (played by Hank Azaria).  Rating - 3/5

Cowboys & Aliens

Now THIS MOVIE I found extremely well made and totally underappreciated. As a film directed by the guy who gave us two Iron Man films, Cowboys & Aliens has an old school western feel to it that totally works for the most part... But the idea of mixing things with extraterrestrials sounds a little bit far fetched and B-Movie like that I can see why most critics and reviewers gave this mixed reviews. Still, I enjoyed this Jon Favreau presentation for what it was, and it had an all-star cast to boot! Leading the charge is Daniel Craig of James Bond fame, playing an amnesiac loner named Jake Lonergan who has a mysterious device attached to his wrist. He partners up with an rich old coot and cynical cattleman named Colonel Woodrow Dolarhyde (played by legendary actor Harrison Ford), and together with a mysterious and beautiful Ella Swan (Olivia Wilde), they take on an army of aliens who kidnap humans for experimentation. Sam Rockwell and Clancy Brown also star in this vehicle, and for the most part the movie has lots of action and Clint Eastwood moments that blend in well somewhat with the Steven Spielberg influenced alien show. Overall, this may not stand tall with the other summer blockbusters out this year, but it gets the job down of presenting a modest and entertaining action film piece, so it's definitely worth checking out. Rating - 4/5

Crazy,Stupid, Love.

Steve Carrell stars in this romantic comedy as Cal Weaver, a man trying to recreate himself when the perfect life he's lived for years is crushed thanks to his wife (played by Julianne Moore) cheating on him and asking for a divorce. Cal is devastated and crushed, and after some nights of hanging out on a bar and unsuccessfully trying to woo women, he's taken under the wing of one womanizing chick boy named Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling). Soon, Mr. Weaver learns the trade and his life rebounds back on track, but he still finds himself missing his wife and family. Throughout this tale of love, sex, and cheating, we find reconciliation, humor, and the true meaning of finding a soulmate in the one you care for the most. It's the perfect movie for anybody looking for love and laughs. I bet people will get a kick out of Steve Carrell's silliness, and ladies screaming at Ryan Gosling's hot guy appeal. Rating - 4/5

That's about it for now. Do catch these flicks at your local theaters!

*Originally posted by Timzster in The Crusader's Realm


  1. Brilliant animated movie. Its kids movie that kids will surely enjoy it. Last night, I saw it with my little baby girl. She was very excited and happy after watching it..
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