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Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Meal 2011: Batman Brave & The Bold!

Been a while since I posted updates in the site, but there's some good news for Batman collectors who just can't get enough of those wonderful toys!

Last September 27, McDonald's Philippines released their new wave of McDonald's Happy Meal toys for kiddies and patrons to buy and collect - The dual toy sets of Batman: The Brave and The Bold and My Little Pony! Of course, being a Batman fan personally, I had to take a gander at the Brave and the Bold toys yesterday, and they were just sweet! Included in the set are The Jokermobile, Batcopter, Penguin Submarine, and the hilarious hero Plastic Man, so there's four figures/ toys for Batfans to collect. Each toy goes with every McDonald's Happy Meal purchase, and I picked up the Batcopter since, well, it's Batman! Stay tuned for a review of each next time!

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