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Friday, September 30, 2011

Halo Wars 3: Cortana!

09.30.2011 - Cortana is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) from the Halo videogame series. In the videogames she provides the back story and tactical information. She appeared also in the novelized versions as well as in the animated DVD home video release of Halo Legends.

The character’s design was based from Egyptian Queen Nefertiti and has become one of the most disturbingly sexy personalities in the Halo videogames. Cortana’s origin is revealed to be the cloned brain of Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey, the creator of the SPARTAN Project; Halsey's synaptic networks became the basis for Cortana's processors.

The action figure based from the Halo Wars 3 videogame came out in 2008 manufactured by McFarlane Toys. The figure comes with a light up base that is powered by 2 AAA batteries.

For anyone who followed the stories based from the Halo videogames through novels and DVD released animation this figure somewhat sought after. You got to own one aside from getting Master Chief being one of the characters that drive the story and of course helps you in the game itself.

You can use other figures for the platform and this example Master Chief takes the base for the light up. Sometimes it’s doesn’t work and it depends if it go with one interesting figure.

The light up based as we look closely is the most interesting piece that comes with the Cortana figure. Without this the figure won’t be this interesting and definitely can be used in other action figures besides the one based from the Halo videogames.

The figure comparison shows actual scale based from the videogame series that made the Xbox360 game console a household appliance in North America. Based from these images its convincing how McFarlane Toys has done superbly. The 3D modeling of the character is not without its base that lights up.

Overall 5/5 rating on this figure even though she lacks the articulation and its fixed to her sexy pose this is sought after to anyone who has played, read, and seen the world of the Halo Universe. If you’re lucky to find one in the Philippine complete its all good.

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