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Monday, March 19, 2012

David Finch Last Day Signing at Fully Booked!

03.19.2012 – It was the last day David Finch appears exclusively at Fully Booked. They where a few minutes behind schedule when he started his talk past 3PM where he had a live art in making Moon Knight as his topic with layers of detail in it.

Comic Odyssey had a selling section in-between the elevator and the escalator which had some of Finch’s previous work at Marvel. Sandy mentioned how gratifying for him to have this experience here as each person who had brought something for him to sign had a memorable photo that day.

For those who had recognized his work everyone had their share of talking to David all throughout the session.

In the first few people who had their books signed they got sketches and the line never stopped when he started the session past 4PM. There where parents, kids, teenagers, and even hot ladies who knew him had singed their comics and graphic novels.

There was a limit of four for Finch to sign and to get in line you have to purchase one graphic novel or comic book to get the numbered stub. It was a standard much refined prerogative by Fully Booked compared to the years that traced back to when Neil Gaiman encountered the wall of sound. These days it’s no longer a snake line that stretches to forever but a good amount of people was ever present to see the artist they have come to appreciate.

There where familiar people like Nelz Yumul from the old Neil Gaiman days who is now a successful graphic artist who co-founded lined up to have his books signed by Finch. Not only had his stuff signed he had Finch do a sketch on his iPad2 tablet which was actually recorded. Nelz played the clip where Finch did a Batman sketch.

Then there was Cholo Manllillin co-organizer (the other half of the team was Mr. Vic Yap) of the Philippine Toy Con who didn’t stood in line but waited for his number to be called as he ran smack at Finch’s table with the huge David Finch poster that he got from Comic Odyssey.

Several cast of characters lined up to see David for the last day of his event. There was a group of girls and one of them had Finch did a small sketch in her wrist. This would turn out to be a template for a tattoo the girl had mentioned.

Then Andrew E. who stood in line last Saturday was back with a memorabilia for David which was a photo of them the first time they met on August 26, 2002 at a Comic Convention in Canada. For more than 10 years now they have come full circle meeting again and Andrew shared his old Wolverine sketch that David made back then which he also signed with a “2012” year. He followed with his current sketch of Wolverine which definitely was an icing on the cake for Andrew who was a bigger fan of David Finch.

There where several happenings and instances in the line but the last part was a memorable for the kid who worn a Batman costume since Saturday. The luckiest kid got a sketch of him done with Finch and pretty much the signing was stretched up to 10:30PM.

David Finch’s compatriots in the comic industry were there like Leinil Yu, Carlo Pagulayan, Stephen Segovia and other artists who were at CB Cebulski’s event. To cap off the night last few photo opportunity and that was all we wrote.

The Gotham Nights who masquerade as their favorite Batman Family of characters was still present but dwindled in numbers as Sunday was family day. But it never stopped them in supporting the event which was also a huge attention for those who would like to get a photo opportunity with the characters of Batman, Joker, Scarecrow, Harley Quinn, Batgirl, and the little Batman in the Dark Knight suit.

David Finch leaves Manila with a surreal experience that gave him an impression of wanting to come back to visit soon. For more of his next appearance check out his official website for details!

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