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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Men from Mars VS John Carter of Earth!

03.08.2012 – John Carter of Mars is the hero from Edgar Rice Burroughs’ the Barsoom novels and the character having appeared in various media since 1912. To celebrate the upcoming film the Walt Disney-made feature film John Carter marks its centenary character’s appearance.

The Philippines is one of the few countries who get to see the film prior to its global release of March 9, 2012 and the special event was held at SM Mall of Asia’s Coca-Cola IMAX theater as the venue has its cinema’s main entrance set up to look like your going to the Mars planet.

The movie was scheduled to be shown at exactly 8PM where the gates closes but they moved it by 7:45PM due to the film is longer and they went ahead to show it without any trailer features. The venue itself has its theme and a special photo booth. There were no other pre-screening features and Columbia Pictures the Philippine film distributor for Walt Disney Studios did not hesitate to star with the screening.

John Carter from Earth to Mars

The film overall has one of the best cinematic scenes that convinced us the world of John Carter were he arrived is the planet Mars. The premise is loosely based on the very first novel “A Princess of Mars” and you’ll get the interest to see this film’s breath taking cinematography. The production itself which includes the visuals is in the making of another live action franchise. Burroughs’ Tarzan made him known as one of the best literally storytellers of the 19th or 20th century but John Carter inspired a legion of science fiction writers that brought some of the best storied sagas of our time.

For some of our colleagues they would say John Carter is the blue print to Alex Raymond’s 1934 science fiction comic strip of Flash Gordon which had its own British live-action film in 1980. Though not to compare these two well known series as each of its own has a rich history to share. For John Carter the film gives us the saga in the making with 10 other original novels (Note: A total of 11 novels as the last book combines two stories into one to make it twelve adventures of John Carter) waiting to be told in the big screen.

Taylor Kitsch who portrays John Carter a confederate in Virginia, America of Earth delivers the character’s performance. Wilem Dafoe has breath life to the green Martian and the leader of the Tarks as Tars Tarkas. The Princess of Mars was alluring as well as tough as nails portrayal of Lyn Collins has the making of the next action heroine. The story is fresh and new again with the helm of director Andrew Stanton (writer and director of Finding Nemo and WALL-E).

The Red Rock from the Sun

Overall the huge production to bring this film is simply visually stunning and the story being told like it was new all over again will definitely interest any science fiction buffs who are looking for a new take in Edgar Rice Burroughs masterpiece. Imagine John Carter’s 100th appearance is a celebration and this film is icing on the cake rated at 4.5 our 5.

John Carter opens across the Philippines on March 9, 2012 in 2D and 3D as well as in 3D IMAX from our friends at Walt Disney Studios locally distributed by Columbia Pictures Philippines.

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