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Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Muppets making the Rainbow Connection!

03.15.2012 – The Muppets are back and this is produced by Walt Disney Studious since Treasure Island release in 1996. The film already grossed and was critical acclaimed when it was shown in North America on November 23, 2011. It was the highest grossing Muppet film since the first one in 1979 and was awarded with an Academy Award for Best Original Song (“Man or Muppet”).

For anyone who grew up with the TV show it’s was nostalgia and also welcoming sight for the younger generation. It’s been a long time coming for Kermit, Miss Piggy and the entire cast to return to entertain the old and young alike.

The promotion itself with Kermit and Miss Piggy doing the rounds in the US TV shows and print ads are enough to bring fan interest. Prior to the screening we get to see trailers from Pixar’s upcoming animation in The Brave, Sony Picture’s Amazing Spider-Man, and the highly anticipated Avengers film from Paramount Pictures through Walt Disney Studios and Columbia Pictures.

Before we get to see the main film there was an accompanied Toy Story short film which the first time a non-Pixar feature titled “Small Fry.”

In this latest film with The Muppets a new character is introduced in Walter a big fan of the said TV show. There was a lot of surprises with cameos of well known celebrities as wells as Easter eggs if you pay attention not only in the characters in the story but in the background too.

We have been familiar with the late great Jim Henson voicing Kermit that we almost forgot someone else is doing that. The slapstick humor and skits never gets old and the story was told in a grand musical scale. At first the idea of musical was awkward but as you continue to watch the scenes it definitely grows on you and it takes you back from the glory days when it was being showed on television. There’s some childhood thoughts right there that brings these characters back to where we remember them.

They really hit it up in breaking the fourth wall with the audience that would probably one of the trademarks of the TV series as well as in the previous movies. Whenever the title comes to mind we will always be great full for Jim Henson’s contribution in the industry and his name will never be forgotten when we see these zany characters.

This film is highly recommended for the whole family to see and for those who have grown up seeing the characters. Surely it’s a great treat for parents to introduce these characters to the younger generation. It’s also great to know that this film is not 3D and still reaching out to its original roots as one of the grandest shows you’ll never see anywhere.

Overall The Muppets scores a 5/5 rating for staying true to its nostalgic roots and keeping it fresh for the younger generations. It’s quite rare we see an original being polished and looks new again without any added bells and whistles this is definitely one of the best films for 2011. Not to forget the first Muppet film to earn an Academy Awards this is definitely a MUST SEE flick rated for everyone!

The Muppets opens nationwide on March 21, 2011 in all theaters from Walt Disney Studious locally released in the Philippines by Columbia Pictures. Special acknowledge to 99.5RT which also had a special screening for their loyal listeners who won the special invites.

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