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Friday, April 13, 2012

Marvel's The Avengers Collectible Cards at 7 Eleven!

04.13.2012 – Marvel’s The Avengers is almost upon us! The International press media screening premiered in April 11, 2012 and the most anticipated Superhero Team has been churning up with merchandise that’s been appearing all over the place.

We got the toys, clothing, apparel, and now Marvel teams up with 7 Eleven with the exclusive lenticular trading cards for you to complete all eight. The Avengers is being talked about with some rumors of the extra scenes.

Marvel’s juggernaut film is plowing off competition even though some of them (like Dark Knight Rises et al) won’t be out until July.

The merchandise right now is making The Avengers a hot ticket to see in the next few days. The toys no doubt has been out since March and it had a lukewarm reception due to Hasbro’s inconsistent toy quality.

The shirts and apparel that you see at SM Boys Teens Wear section would definitely be a hit among those who can’t wait to line up and see the film. Then there is the 7 Eleven collectible cards that you add PhP 15.00 pesos to acquire when you buy a PhP 25.00 pesos drink.

The individual card is blind packed that there’s no way to find out if your getting the one you’re looking for. We tried getting one which featured Captain America and just like those old Marvel trading cards from the 1990s.

You collect the Team card, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk, Hawk Eye/Black Widow, Loki, and Nick Fury with Maria Hill & Agent Phil Coulson. Its going to be a challenge to complete all eight as you get individual card blind packed. It looks like the interest for trading cards are back for now.

Marvel’s The Avengers opens in the Philippines on April 25, 2012 nationwide from Walt Disney Studios to be distributed by Columbia Picture Philippines!

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