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Friday, April 13, 2012

Battle Force 5 Shifts to Jollibee's Kids Meal!

04.13.2012 – If you have not been checking out the latest Kids Meal Toys at Jollibee this might surprise you. Hot Wheels and Barbie by Mattel usually gets to be featured as McDonald’s Happy Meal since as long as we can remember.

The last time we have seen the Hot Wheels’ Battle Force 5 was a Happy Meal featured toy back in December 2010. This is also the same thing with Barbie and these two well known products have been synonymous with McDonald’s.

We’re not here yet to delved into the switch of fast food stores but it really was quite intriguing.

Jollibee is well known as the Philippines counterpart of McDonald’s in the international market for fast food restaurants. It’s also McDo’s number one competition in the country.

The track record Jollibee has set to bring quality Meal Toys gave us the attention when they brought in Voltron as its exclusive NEVER seen outside the Philippines. Its one of those toy properties that set them apart and after that things where a bit inconsistent lately bringing in “something new” to the table.

Now we see the Mattel properties in Hot Wheels and Barbie jumping from its long time appearance as a Happy Meal Toy in McDonald’s to Jollibee’s Kids Meal Toys. Are we seeing a new trend here? Or is it a one-time big-time Philippine exclusive?

Meal Toys are an added incentive to the Kids Meal and McDonald’s is one of the pioneers for this concept. It has also become controversial to lure children to eat at these fast food restaurants just to get the toys. It has become a sort of hobby for some who grew up with it. We surely won’t go on the details on the past history of the Meal Toys but the sudden change in the properties to be seen in another fast food restaurant has gotten our attention.

This is Jollibee’s April 2012 Kids Meal Toys featuring Barbie and Hot Wheels’ Battle Force Five. Lately the famous bee has two toys for boys and girls each rounding to four overall unlike McDonald’s which has been consistent with a maximum of eight toys in their Happy Meal for you to collect.

Then again this is a surprising turn of events to see Mattel’s properties to appear in Jollibee and there are questions swirling around.

This possibility that Barbie & Hot Wheels properties of Mattel will only appear to Jollibee’s Kids Meal Toys as a Philippine exclusive just like what they did with Transformers and Voltron.

For the boys collect two of the famous characters from Battle Force 5 with the Battle Bumpers and the girls can get their make over with the Barbie Fashion Project themed feature. For now grab any of the Kids Meal Toys while supply last!

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