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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Big Wow Comic Fest Day 1 Coverage and More!

05.20.2012 – The first day of Big Wow Comic Fest has a lot of highlights and notable artists from all over the world converged into one event. But we’re not looking at the big picture but the little things that relates to the Philippine Comics Scene.

The event was bannered by our Philippine Contingent of artists in Alex Nino, Rudy Nebres and Danny Bulandi. If these names are not familiar to you then you’re not really reading comics. These guys poured their hearts out in their passionate way in appreciating for the arts and paving the way for current generation of Filipino illustrators to make it big in the international scene.

If you have not been to Big Wow Comic Fest we’re sharing you the slice of the Americana where some the biggest brightest names in the industry roamed the convention floor.

The Avengers Art Exhibit

The film has raked in hundreds of millions of dollars and continues to be the top grosser for Marvel Studious to date breaking box office records. Big Wow Comic Fest pays tribute to the illustrators who contributed their works to be on display for you to appreciate and definitely it’s a place we hope have one in our local scene here in the Philippines.

With all the hoopla and extravagance of the film some of the sketch art where also up for auction if you want to pick as one of your mementos in your collection then this must be the place that you should see.

The Scenes at the Artist Alley

You got James O’Barr who popularized The Crow, Frank Cho who had been from his work on Shanna the She-Devil, and David Williams which to name a few greats some you may not heard of but are big in the US.

James O'Barr the man behind "The Crow."

David Williams hard at work at his booth.

Bruce Simon of Underground Comix.

Kevin Nowlan the man  you know who have work on Batman, Superman VS Aliens, Moon Knight to name a dew.

Then you have the Filipino talents in Alex Nino, Rudy Nebres and Danny Bulandi headlining the Philippine Contingent who made their names breaking the international scene from the 1970s, 1980s, and the 1990s.

Frank Cho is the He-Devil at Big Wow!
Ryan Sook working on his Thor Sketch.
Rudy Nebres 1st WestCoast Con Show.

Bob Layton on your Left and Filipino artist Danny Bulandi on your right.

Legendary Filipino Illustrator Alex Nino at Big Wow Comic Fest!

We Filipinos are a talented bunch we’re still making big and known globally and if we can bring these guys to the Philippines its like a Hero’s Welcome as our definite wish list.

Big Wow around Now

The first day coverage won’t be complete without the sights and images of the convention itself. The colorful people in tights of course dressing up to be a fan draw add spice to these conventions in the Philippines and abroad.

You can never miss real dedication to any fan that would go there and show their appreciation thus cosplay has become not only just a “dress up” but also an art form on its own. So if you have been one of theses people sighted in the Big Wow Comic Fest pat yourself in the back as in that industry it has become its own Hollywood of the talented.

So as we roll down on our day one coverage catch the big one on the second day as it further unfold the big wigs in the industry.

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