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Friday, May 4, 2012

Cobra: Cobra Commander Mail Away at Toys R' Us Philippines

Presenting the G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra, Cobra Commander Mail Away. One of the only G.I. Joe Action Figures that actually comes in COBRA Packaging.

I've actually had my eye on this figure for quite some time but it wasn't being sold for a reasonable price on the black-market. Then a week ago, an entire stack of them suddenly became available at retail price in Toys R' Us here in Robinsons Galleria in the Philippines and I just had to grab it.

Especially since it wasn't being sold for US$ 34.98 to US4 41.85 like it was being sold in Amazon (Roughly PhP 1,500 to PhP 1,800 plus shipping). It was being sold for only PhP 999.75 or roughly US$ 23.25.

This is the infamous Cobra Commander that comes with the movie-edition skull-mass, crimson armor and a robot-drone miniature HISS Tank that's quite reminiscent of the G.I. Joe PAC RATs.

It practically screams "Modern Megalomaniac"

The Cobra Commander Mail Away's blister card reads: "Cobra Commander: The deviously brilliant leader of COBRA has created the COBRA H.I.S.S. Tank, a dangerous weapon that will help him expand his empire. He is prepared for battle in a mask that uses sunlight to power his cybernetic armor. As the showdown with the G.I. Joe team begins in the burning desert, he sends an armed H.I.S.S. Tank drone to spy on the team."

The Cobra Commander Mail Away also comes with two memos - lotta paper work here. The first one is a loose sheet memorandum from General Clayton "Hawk" Abernathy from G.I. Joe Headquarters that reads:

"Attention Recruit! 

As the commander of the G.I. Joe team I'm proud to welcome you to our team as our newest recruit. You faced COBRA in all four missions, strengthened your battle skills in special games, and captured COBRA COMMANDER, the leader of COBRA. With your help, the G.I. Joe team was able to track down this smart, cunning villain. In recognition of your achievement, I'm sending your this exclusive COBRA COMMANDER figure. Display it proudly to show everyone that you are a true G.I. Joe team hero. 

We have information that COBRA is planning a new attack - and we'll need YOUR help to stop them! Check back at this summer for an update on this situation, and to find out your next mission with the G.I. Joe team! 

When All Else Fails... We Don't. 

(Signed) General Clayton "Hawk" Abernathy, Commander, G.I. Joe Team."

This is then followed by a memorandum from Cobra Commander to the World's Forces of Domination:

"From: Cobra Commander
To: Forces of Domination
Re: World Control

A new organization called COBRA is forming that will control the power and wealth of the world - and you are invited to join us. Together we will build a world where the strong and powerful make the rules and hold complete control of everyone and everything in their hands. Some may not accept their fate and will fight us, but we will prevail in our dreams of ultimate power1


COBRA Office of Propaganda

What's to like about the G.I. Joe Cobra Commander Mail Away?

First of would be the fact that it was being sold at retail price.

Next up is the Cobra mini-HISS Drone. Lets take the time to note that there are no real instructions as to how the track-threads should be attached. The normal way - and probably the correct way, would be to attach the tracks with the long end pointed toward the rear. But it's also possible to attach the tracks with the long end pointed forward - with the only downside being the possibility of the mini-HISS Drone tipping back (Which really shouldn't be the case as the drone should automatically compensate for this.

With the tracks forward, this also allows you to attach the entire Drone to Cobra Commander's back - as you can see in the photos above.

But seriously nobody expects Cobra Commander to do the heavy-lifting right? You can also remove the threads and have Cobra Commander use the mini-HISS Drone like a shoulder mounted cannon, but I thought that looked weird.

I think we should appreciate the mini-HISS Drone for the potential that it presents. Even if it only brings small caliber firearms to the fight, it has four of them and two of them can track left and right as necessary. It's also sleekly armored in the tradition of modern tank designs in a hope to deflect incoming fire instead of letting it smash directly into it.

I do have a difficult time swallowing that huge inviting target up front - it's spring-loaded missile - but it doesn't quite look the same if you get rid of it. Clearly something has to be there, just not that.

Cobra Commander is no push-over as far as action figures go either. He's wonderfully detailed - particularly his death-mask, chest-plate and even his Cobra-emblem emblazoned Battle-Aquila.

His breastplate is marked CC1 - or Cobra Commander # 1 and has an almost organic look and feel to it - like the oily scale armor of a red-snake.

His death-mask is the same re-breathing apparatus that was featured in use by Rex Lewis towards the end of the G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra movie and is beautifully chromed - unlike the movie and original toy's semi-translucent material - with gold-trimmings. His eyes are also chromed so you cannot see his eyes.

He also comes with a hand cannon - and I mean hand-cannon as there is a handle above it that I feel he has to grasp to fire - which means the kick-back must be considerable with an effect worthy of Cobra Commander.

Articulation is average for a G.I. Joe figure, Mail Away Cobra Commander still does not have the new wrist joints. His trench-coat does tend to get in the way a little bit, and the COBRA logo on his back is a bit low. 

What's NOT to like about the G.I. Joe Cobra Commander Mail Away?

Nothing. Other than I should have bought two of them so that I could still have one mint-in-box. While there are minor quirks here and there that we've tackled above, the G.I. Joe Cobra Commander Mail Away Action figure is excellent with no real issues.

Let's take the time though to point out that there are two holes on his left and right thighs. You can see them on the photo on the right. Obviously they're for weapons that have studs - which this line is not know for - or perhaps thigh armor plating (like Zartan's) that was never released.

One last word about the G.I. Joe Cobra Commander Mail Away Action figure is that he proves that Cobra Commander really has a thing for wing-tips - the same shoes worn by the Wave 5 Pursuit of Cobra Cobra Commander - who shares the same lower-torso.

Grab it while supplies last.

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