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Friday, May 18, 2012

Ernie Chan Remembered (1940- 2012).

Photo by Atomic Romance at the Portland Comic Con 2008.
05.18.2012 – Comic Book Legend Ernie Chan passed away and another great will be missed after Tony DeZuniga who recently died last May 11, 2012. There are no specific details about his death only news where his wake is going to be held. The news came from Whilce Portacio and Mark Torres on separate updates via Facebook.

Ernesto “Ernie” Chan is known for his work on Marvel Comics version of Conan The Barbarian and also worked with DC Comics in the Batman books (Batman and Detective Comics) as wells as doing computer designs, TV, and movie animation.

He has been present in US conventions particularly in WonderCon, SuperCon and Big Wow ComicCon. He’s been known for known also for doing cover artworks for DC Comics. He’s currently based in Oakland and has done commission sketches for his long time fans and fellow Filipinos who knew him from his previous works.

Those old Conan The Barbarian comics will be one of the high lights of his career that forever will be remembered. These rare sketches of Ernie Chan will always be a legacy and he will be remembered…

Darna commission sketch by Ernie Chan during Big Wow Comic Convention. 

L to R: Ernie Chan, Alex Nino, and Toni DeZuniga commission art at Wonder Con 2008.

Ernie Chan will never be forgotten for just being not only a talented artist but a nice guy in conventions whenever he's there to do a commission sketch or just hanging out with fans and fellow Filipino friends. You will never be forgotten Ernie but surely will be missed.

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