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Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Visual Music Carnival Rocks for a Cause!

05.03.2012 – The Visual Music Carnival is not only about music performances by an ensemble of Filipino talents. The event also has skilled skater boarders and a group of people who masquerade as their favorite characters known in the pop culture community.

The VMC was organized to promote to raise funds and awareness for cause that would break the barriers of speech for the deaf. We’re talking about a break through tool is set to integrate modern technology in helping the hearing-impaired live their already challenged lives with less difficulty.

Together with GeiserMaclang, Aloha Boardsports, Cheese Steak Shop, Anime Alliance, and Telecommunications Service Network for the Deaf. The event was hosted by Dylan Vizcarra of Radio Republic.

The panel answered some questions during the Q & A portion of the event. The event was spearheaded by TSND Chairman George Taylor, the only Filipino deaf student to graduate with a BS degree in Electronics and Communications Engineer in DLSU was present to send a message about the awareness regarding the TRS technology which is set to defy disabilities related to hearing and speech.

Anime Alliance a group of passionate young people masquerades as their favorite characters from comics, manga, cartoons and Japanese anime was present at the press conference posing with the media who will be present during the Visual Music Carnival.

We’re giving you a preview of who’s who of well known individuals in the community who will masquerade as their favorite characters that you maybe familiar with…

More than ever the event is all about helping raise awareness to our brothers and sisters who has disabilities which is letting them know there is now Video Relay Services (VRS) that would help them communicate with convenience.

This awareness is all about letting them know the use of the VRS which is develop to give the deaf community equal access to communications. Its major components are specialized devices called the V-Pads and the trained sing language interpreter is designed to provide assistance.

A V-Pad is a touch screen videophone with which a deaf user can ask for the help of a trained interpreter for specialized teleconferencing service that enables the deaf user to conveniently converse with virtually anyone in the country for free. With the aid of the VRS, deaf hearing-impaired individuals can now sign a message and get real-time response in seconds.

The Visual Music Carnival happens on May 12 from 12 noon to 12 midnight backed by performances by Valley of Chrome, Saydie, Imago, Radio Active Sago Project, Typecast, Philia, The Chongkeys, Mayonnaise, Mr. Bones and the Boneyards Circus, Jurrassic Pards, Reklamo, 4th Drazkik, Sigaw, Bushfire, Paramita, Tyranny of Solidity, Ordemuz, Prologo, Candy Candy, Odat, and Subkulture!

Tickers are priced at PhP 150.00 Pesos with Free Rides, Free Skates, and Free Game Tokens!

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